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Read about difference in cosmetic and reconstructive surgery, what is cosmetic plastic surgery and surgical treatment of congenital abnormality.

Cosmetic And Reconstructive Surgery

What is the first thing that attracts you towards a person? Is it clothes, his/her manners or friendly approach? Well, all these things do matter but the very first thing that gives positive vibe about the person is a pretty face and a beautiful body. For some, these might be a gift of God but for those who are not satisfied with their looks, can go for cosmetic and reconstructive surgery to enhance their looks. Thus, these surgeries are the only recourse that you can take if you have low self esteem due to your unglamorous body. Your newly acquired look will not only be beautiful but also make you feel good about yourself, thus helping to strengthen your confidence. When there is a healthy and strong mind in a healthy and beautiful body, what else do you require to present yourself in a more confident and appealing manner. To know more on cosmetic and reconstructive surgery, read the article.

Understand Cosmetic Plastic Surgery
  • Plastic surgeries were first carried out centuries ago. Today, the demand for this surgery has increased manifold, as more and more people are interested in enhancing their looks. Among the wide array of plastic surgeries, it is the cosmetic plastic surgery that is very popular, especially among woman, as it can help in giving a perfect figure and a lovely face. With the help of cosmetic plastic surgery, you can get any look you want.
  • Cosmetic plastic surgery has advanced to such a stage that it can even challenge god's own creation by daring to make you more beautiful than what you are now. There are different types of cosmetic surgery depending on which area of the body it is carried on. Among them, rhinoplasty is perhaps the most common. In this surgery the shape of the nose is improved to enhance the looks.
  • Many people including celebrities have benefited from cosmetic surgery. Advanced technology, highly experienced surgeons and improved medical procedures has ensured that even the most complicated surgery ends without any glitches. Even common problems like wrinkles and other age related skin problems can be treated by these surgeries.
Surgical Treatment Of Congenital Abnormality
  • Congenital abnormalities are problems that people suffer from since their birth. There are different types of congenital problems and some can be cured through plastic surgery.
  • Most common congenital abnormalities are cleft lip, absence of digits or fused digits, born with extra digits and palate and neural tube defects. These birth related defects can be cured by cosmetic and reconstructive surgery.
Difference In Cosmetic Surgery And Reconstructive Surgery
  • In cosmetic surgery, certain areas of the body, like lips and nose, are tweaked or modified to improve the way the patient looks. This surgery is also used to get rid of extra fat from the abdomen and thighs and make the person slim. Also, sometimes when an obese person sheds weight he/she develops loose skin which can be removed through this surgery. Cosmetic surgery is also used to reverse the effects of ageing. It is used to make people more youthful.
  • In reconstructive surgery, abnormalities in various body parts are corrected. These abnormalities may be due to congenital defects, defects in development, accidents or disease. It is usually performed to improve the functioning of the body part or to make it appear normal. For example, correcting cleft lip or correcting a nose that has been damaged in an accident is reconstructive surgery as the body part is being reconstructed to look normal.