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This article gives an overview on makeup and how and where it is used. It also lays emphasis on makeup for men and the feel good factor and makeup issues.

Makeup Tips

The history of makeup can be traced back to the Greco-Roman civilization. With legendary women like Cleopatra who had elaborate makeup rituals to Indian queens who spent hours in beautifying themselves, there is no doubt that makeup is important! In Europe, the body was considered a palate to show off one's wealth and women were treated as trophies. It was believed that the more makeup you apply, the more attractive you are. Some Africans put rings on their neck to make it longer which frames a part of their makeup. Now it's just the women, even men use makeup to appear more appealing. The benefits of makeup are that it boosts confidence and creates a feel-good factor. Indulge yourself in our beauty, body care and makeup tips. Chase away the feeling of weariness and undertake the upcoming challenges of each day. Views on beauty are changing and high time you did too! Read this section below for tips on makeup for all sexes and the makeup issues you might face.

Feel Good Factor And Makeup Issues
  • The first step to look beautiful is to be healthy. You need to maintain your face and skin in a natural way before it is enhanced by the application of makeup. For this, drink lots of water, have a healthy diet and refrain from the consumption of junk food.
  • Owing to high levels of pollution and dust, your skin undergoes an immense amount of damage. To avoid this, regularly clean your face with a facial wash and exfoliate atleast once a week.
  • Aromatherapy has gained considerable significance in our lives because it helps eradicating tensions and stress. Some of the oils even rejuvenate your skin. Essential oils are known to slow down the ageing process. The same way, these oils have numerous health benefits, uses and properties.
  • It is not difficult to apply makeup. The tricky part is to differentiate your makeup according to the occasion. This is exactly what seasonal makeup means. The different colors worn in a particular season makes you comply with the latest fashion trends!
  • There are various types of makeup - hair, eye, lips etc. There are also different sections on skin and foot care. These usually homemade remedies which are easy to use and can be quickly incorporated at anytime.
  • It is a common notion that only women use makeup and look good. Welcome to the age of metro-sexual men! Makeup for men explores how males can use these cosmetics and appear presentable.
  • What is important is that you keep yourself updated about the newest trends in makeup and consider the 'in' thing. Check out the trendy tips section for this purpose! Educate yourself on the various new products available in the market. Research before purchasing it.
  • It would be a good idea to browse through the bridal makeup section is your D-day is coming up! These tips are simple saves you from the trouble of making disastrous mistakes.
  • There are sections like tattoo art that gives you information on body art such as tattoos and body piercings. It is mandatory for you to know about the pros and cons before opting for them. These categories give you a clear picture of the risks involved.
If high-class spas and expensive beauty salons are out of your reach then you can use the makeup tips given here to look beautiful!

Body Designing Info
Body designing is done by modifying the look of your body either in temporary way such as henna and body painting or by a permanent method like tattooing, piercing or branding. Body designing or body art can be traced back to the ancient times as they were done as a part of rituals to please the Gods.

Bridal Makeup Tips And Ideas
Every bride wants to look her best on the wedding day. Ideally, the preparations and grooming sessions start a few months earlier. To look gorgeous on the main day is not an easy task and requires more than a day's effort. Diet and fitness training must be complimented to the application of cosmetics.

Eye Makeup Tips
It is not necessary for you to have exquisite eyes to look like your favorite celebrity! Knowing how to make an ordinary set of eyes look gorgeous requires a few simple tricks. For this purpose, learning the art of eye makeup is necessary. But, maintaining a dull face and tired eyes is a sure way to make

Lip Makeup Tips
If you are prone to dry and chapped lips then it becomes mandatory for you to take care of your lips. Why? Since they are unattractive and can turn any lip makeup into a mess! Therefore it is important that you look after you lips on a regular basis. Applying lipsticks and other products

Makeup Tips For Eyebrows
Eyebrows give a definition to the face and groom them to making it look cleaner and more beautiful. They have the ability to make your eyes appear larger and more expressive. A natural eyebrow look can be achieved by using brow colors with the help of a short brush with stiff bristles. Heavy brows add

Makeup Tips For Men
A few years ago, there was uproar where a man's desire to look attractive was debated upon. The West presented their idea of metro-sexual men while the rest of the world protested against it saying that men are predestined to look 'manly'! With the revolution, came the image of a well groomed

Seasonal Makeup Tips
Makeup is not only about smothering bucket loads of cosmetics on your skin! But it is also is about dressing in relation to the occasion. Now, we have a problem! Makeup demands to be changed according to the prevalent season which includes being harmonious with the climatic conditions.

Summer Makeup Tips
Summer means needs extra attention to skin and makeup! With the increasing temperatures and humidity in your area, the makeup which you apply is bound to react very differently with the delicate epidermal layers. You must keep in mind that even though you might be using a product