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Celtic tattoo designs are increasingly gaining popularity amongst the youth. Read about Celtic tattoo art.

Celtic Tattoos

Celtic tattoos are popular amongst people of Celtic origin. But being universal in nature, these types of tattoos have become a popular choice. Nowadays, most of the tattoo artists prefer mixing the tribal and Celtic design so as to create a new blended tattoo style known as Tribal-Celtic. The Celtic symbol has its origin in the prehistoric times and they have continued being in fashion even till today. The people of the Celtic region have a rich cultural heritage that is worth exploring. They have been known for their artistic abilities. Therefore, these tattoos look fascinating to the eye. Celtic tattoos are so popular that they have been incorporated in production of various kinds of stonework, metalwork, jewelry and weapons. The designs usually comprise of intricate patterns of lines, spirals and loops that are combined in a very attractive manner. Animal designs are extensively used and known as the zoomorphic tattoo designs. The most exciting feature about Celtic Tattoos is that they have hidden meaning and are mysterious.

Celtic Tattoo Design
  • The interlacing between lines of a tattoo represents the association between the physical and spiritual worlds. The ongoing route of the loops symbolize the unending cycle of life, death and rebirth. Celtic designs reveal the personality of the Celtic people who are usually depicted as courageous warriors. Popular designs are Celtic knot and the Celtic cross.
  • Knot tattoos are usually designed to look like knots that have no definite beginning and end. It embodies the vicious cycle of death and rebirth.
  • Maze designs are usually those patterns which have parallel lines and create the illusion of a maze. It looks intricate and requires expertise to ink on the skin.
  • The Celtic cross consists of a cross drawn over a circle. Thus, this signifies a bond between Earth and heaven.
  • Celtic butterfly tattoos symbolize rebirth and transformation. People who are spotted with this tattoo probably want to convey a personal message. It is prominent among those who have had several difficulties in their life and survived it. Butterflies are usually tattooed on women as they are a delicate and beautiful pattern. Shoulder blades are the most popular choice for tattooing a Celtic butterfly.
  • Claddagh tattoo is another cherished Celtic tattoo which is a symbol of a friendship or the bond of a wedding. It is worn on the ring finger and consists of a heart with crown and held with two hands. All the three features in the icon have a distinct meaning of their own. The crown stands for loyalty, the hands symbolize friendship and heart represents love.
  • Celtic shamrock tattoo is a perfect representation of a typical Celtic design. Here the art itself gives away the fact that its origin lies in Ireland. Shamrock mirrors are said to be the holy trinity of the Irish Catholic Church.
  • For those who want a tattoo as a tribute to their loved ones and are not convinced about getting their partner's name inked, then they could go in for a Celtic heart. This indicates love and emotions towards your near and dear ones. This is also a common tattoo worn by several people.
  • The triskelion is a conspicuous Celtic symbol that signifies completion and progress. This figure when viewed from a top view looks like a three legged wheel.
  • The arwen is popularly known as the symbol of 'three rays'. It is said to represent the balance between male and female energy. The first and last rays show the essence of a male and female respectively. The middle ray stands for balance and equality of the two sexes. Symbolists have claimed that this is one of the first factors that spoke about gender equality as in the recent times.
  • The five-fold symbol upholds the balance of human nature. Expert researchers have claimed that this symbol is a representative of the five basic elements of the Universe: fire, water, sun, earth and air.
Celtic symbols have been incorporated in tattoos, jewelry and other objects. With the passage of time, many designs have undergone drastic changes and have lost the essence of the original art.