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Read this article for information on how to select hair cut by age and also, suggestions for haircuts for young women and hair styles for mature women.

Hair Cut By Age

Haircuts necessarily give a certain shape to your face. You can keep your hair long, short, medium or cropped depending on the cuts and grooves of your facial features. For instance, if you have a round face then you can make it look longer by getting a haircut that adds volume to your hair. If you have an oval face, you can experiment with a lot of hairstyles as this shape is considered the most versatile. Haircuts and styles are not chosen only according to the shape of your face but the age factor also needs to be kept in mind. What might have looked nice in your 30's would appear too loud in your 60's. The secret to ageing gracefully is to keep in mind, the color and the trend. However, this does not mean you have to stick to a particular cut all through your life! Younger women have more choices than older ones simply because the former can experiment with colors and hairstyles. For older women, before selecting a particular cut, they need to keep in mind profession and working life. Read below for more tips on haircuts for young and mature women.

Haircuts For Young Women
  • It is true that younger women have the option of trying out new hairstyles and highlight colors. But you must remember that, if you are one of them, you build a career in your 20s. This is a time when you are making first impressions in your professional life. Therefore it is recommended that you pick a haircut that matches your workplace. While an artsy work environment would allow a funky haircut with colorful streaks, being a professor in a college might reject the same.
  • You can either sport shoulder length hair with your natural hair color or even wear your long straight hair in a neat and slick ponytail.
  • If you have preciously long tresses, then make sure you have the time to maintain it! In cases where you are starting a family, neglecting basic hair care tips can result in damaged and rough hair.
  • Some women have a difficult time handling anything longer than shoulder length or medium lengths of hair. For these individuals, it is advised that you get a simple and neat cropped look. You can also try soft curls as they appear classy at any age.
  • If you want to color your hair and your profession doesn't permit it then choose colored hair extensions as they are easy to use and remove. This way you won't be the boring girl, with the boring hair anymore! There are also some temporary color creams which can be used.
Hair Styles For Mature Women
  • The first sign of old age is graying hair. If you manage to pick out single strands of gray hair then you can ask your hairstylist to hand color it.
  • Most mature women complain about their age coming in the way of fashion! If you are one of them then here's the solution. You can appear younger in shorter haircuts. In addition, these styles work excellently with fine textured hair.
  • If want long hair, your best bet would be to layer it. Difference in layers hides a substantial amount of weight and makes your face look renewed and uplifted.
  • In case you have decided on a bob haircut then cut about one or two inches less behind and keep the front longer. This has the ability to accentuate your eyes and forehead.
  • Having said all the above, ageing hair becomes brittle and wispy faster. It requires extra attention. Thus, you should regularly go in for hair spa session and deep condition your hair. While doing this, make sure of the quality of the parlour and products that are going to be used.
  • The biggest key in while selecting hair colors is not to opt for very loud colors as it are unsuitable for your age. Keep it natural and soft!
Whatever your age, taking good care of your hair is the most important factor behind looking nice. Make sure you choose your look well!