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Read about mehandi application procedures, tips to apply henna and how to make mehendi cone.

Mehendi Application Procedures

Mehendi, an age old art, has always been an integral part of functions, wedding ceremonies and religious events. Nowadays, it has become one of the best ways to adorn oneself and look alluring. Today, not just in India but even in western countries, one can find artists who exclusively work with henna, creating tattoos and intricate designs on the body. Certainly, mehendi art has come a long way from only being a part of social functions to becoming one of the most sought after beauty adornments. What's more, the wide range of designs, from Indian, Arabic, and African to contemporary patterns will surely leave you spoilt for choice. Although, most people know what mehendi is all about, very few people know how to apply it perfectly. If you are looking to try your hand at henna designing then it will be best if you learn not only how to apply it but also how to make a mehendi cone. Scroll down the write-up if you want to know the various aspects of mehendi application process.

Tips To Apply Henna
  • It is very important to wash the skin thoroughly before applying the henna. Make sure that your skin is free from grease and dirt or else the stain won't last for long.
  • After creating the design with the mehendi cone, dip a cotton swab in lemon juice and sugar syrup, and dab it gently over the pattern. This will make the stain darker and long lasting. Also, the lemon and sugar will prevent the paste from drying too quickly.
  • Avoid using any kind of oils and creams on the skin before you apply Mehendi, as this will block the pores and make it harder for the stain to stick to the skin.
  • Leave the design to sit for at least six to seven hours and then scrape off the dried paste with the help of your fingers or butter knife.
  • To preserve the design for a longer duration, it's wise not to wet the stained area or wash and scrub it too often just after the application of mehandi.
How To Make Mehendi Cone
  • Using mehendi cone is one of the easiest ways of applying henna on the skin. The cone comes filled with henna paste and has a tiny hole at the end of it through which the henna can be squeezed out gently. The cone is easily available at all the beauty stores.
  • To use it, the cone is usually placed between the thumb and forefinger, and squeezed gently so that a thin line of mehendi oozes out and the design created. To prepare your own mehendi cone at home, all you need are a few things such as henna paste, plastic cover and cello tape.
  • Cut the plastic sheet in to a square and keep it aside. Make sure the plastic sheet is not too light. It should be thick enough to be capable of holding the henna paste and light enough to be rolled.   
  • The next step is to roll the plastic sheet into a cone or funnel shape. Make sure that the end of the cone is pointed sharp. Now, with the help of a cello tape, stick the side edges of the cone.
  • Fill up to 3/4th of the cone with fresh henna paste using a small spoon. Avoid over filling it for the cone may burst or start leaking at the sides.
  • After filling, twist the open end of the cone and seal tightly with a tape. Your cone is now ready to be used to create wonderful henna designs. To use the cone use a sharp scissor to cut the tip of the cone.