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Makeup Tips For Men

A few years ago, there was uproar where a man's desire to look attractive was debated upon. The West presented their idea of metro-sexual men while the rest of the world protested against it saying that men are predestined to look 'manly'! With the revolution, came the image of a well groomed, immaculate, clean shaven man with stylish glasses and this became the epitome of manhood. The cosmetic industry launched numerous products into the market that targeted the grooming and public presentation of a man. As the years have passed, men have become more open towards the use of makeup that was once considered women's domain. It is basically, 'society' that has learned to accept that use of makeup does not make one a lesser man! Now, if this application of cosmetics is overdone, it might give out the wrong signals. The basic function of makeup is enhancing features, covering up the flaws and boosting the self-esteem. Several men who are conscious about their looks and are introverts should find the next section highly helpful.

Makeup Guide For Men
  • Foundation is always 'in'! Men who do not have beards can use a basic foundation to hide pimples or scars on the surface of their face or even neck. If you are a male with a lot of facial hair then you must opt for a concealer because this will not clog your pores or get caked up on your face.
  • Choosing the correct shade of foundation also comes with a secret! One shade darker than the skin tone is best. Men have larger pores than women so their skin gets dirtier and this in turn leads to a blockage of pores which causes an acne breakout. To avoid such disasters, use water-based foundation that matches with your skin color.
  • Blending is the secret of a good makeup. Both foundation and face powder need to be applied in a correct manner such that they do not form patches on your face. Use your finger to spread it evenly on your face.
  • An alternative to foundation is tinted moisturizer. They are easily available and designed for every skin type. Be careful not to choose one with glimmer as no one likes to see a man with a shining face!
  • Some men would love to sport a gothic look by using a kohl pencil or eyeliner to highlight the eyes. If you have a pale skin tone, use brown instead of black. The proper method would be to draw a line along your lower lashes and blend it at the edges. This will give your eyes extra focus and make you stand out of the crowd. A more subtle approach would be to rub the kohl pencil on the roots of your eyelashes gently. This gives it a fuller look.
  • Movies or plays require the use of lipsticks by male models. But in daily living, this is not-so-masculine. Therefore, lip balm is a safer option because they are nude, adds shine to your lips and protects them from getting dehydrated.
  • Men with unclean and chewed off nails give a very negative first impression. In order to keep them well manicured, he must visit the salon to get himself pampered good.
  • Unruly and unmanageable hair has been a constant trouble for most men. There are various hair gels in the market which can help in styling and creating the desired look. But staying a little cautious of the kind of hair gel and hair is important because sometimes certain products may cause dandruff.
  • Use an exfoliator to wash and remove dead skin. Use warm water after a minimum of twenty minutes following your shave. Exfoliators also give a certain shine to the face.
These are few easy makeup tips for men that might help you. You can experiment with different products and looks with each passing day and still come out looking handsome as ever!