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Body piercing is a popular form of body art. This article provides information on body piercing art that is currently swaying all the fashion conscious people!

Body Piercing

Body piercing has always been a common phenomenon in India and Africa whereas the West considers it to be a completely new phenomenon that has attracted the youngsters. This type of body art is an indispensable part of the punk culture that began in the 1980ís and is still going strong. Over the years, body piercing has gained a distinctive cultural identity with mixed reactions from the world of fashion. A number of people get various parts of their bodies pierced with eye catching jewelry with an idea of glorifying their features. Most societies, accept piercings as presentable while others see it as a taboo. The most common areas to get pierced are the ears, mouth, lip, tongue, nose, eyebrows, cheeks, chin and navel etc. Again, depending on the spot you have chosen to prick, you opt for a piece of jewellery - from a tiny and light weight stud to dangling rings, there is a lot to choose from! Body piercing has its set of advantages and disadvantages so make sure that you know what youíre getting into before taking the final decision. Take a look at the section below as it briefs you up on some of the methods and dangers of body piercing.

Body Piercing Art
  • The most common and accepted method for body piercing is by means of a needle. The technique involves inserting a needle (thicker than the piece of jewelry) into a previously selected part of the body. The stud/ring follows the needle immediately to ensure that the hole remains open. This also gives it time to heal.
  • Most piercing shops also have the option of gun shots. Yes, with the help of a gun-shaped object! Although this is the most widely used method, it is not necessarily the best as sterilization is a problem. Most non-professional employ this manner for piercings as it is easy to use and execute.
  • The cannula method is said to be similar to the standard needle piercing technique, the only difference being in its procedure. A typical setup contains a narrow plastic tube in which the jewelry is placed at the end of the cannula. On piercing, the jewelry is forcefully pushed through the skin.
  • If you want make a large gauge piercing then the scalpel method is another alternative. In this, a wide slit is made that fits in the size of the piece of jewellery. Once it is removed, the risk of the hole getting closed is also reduced. The only way the hole can be closed is through a medical procedure.
Body Piercing Information
  • If you have got a piercing done recently then make sure you stay away from infection! Never apply anything on the punctured area without consulting a professional.
  • Don’t try to remove the piece of jewelry for at least 30 days after the piercing, as there are chances that the hole could disappear. Also, with constant touching, you become more prone to contamination that in turn results in severe pus formation.
  • Before you place your fingers in the pierced area, make sure that you wash your hands with anti-bacterial soap and keep the piercing sterile at all times.
  • Always get your piercing done form an expert who is authorized and has sufficient knowledge on the standard safety procedures. Amateurs might hit upon a blood vessel which could result in bleeding and injury.
  • Lip, tongue and other oral piercings are, almost always never safe as these areas are most susceptible to infection. Apart from this reason, it is unhygienic and can damage your gums and other oral tissues.
Art Of Body Piercing

Lip Piercings
This type of piercing was initially a rage among African tribes, before it was popularized in America. Lip piercing may give you a stylish look, but if not cared for properly, it could cause harm to your gums and teeth.

Tongue Piercings
Surprisingly, in the West, the tongue is the most popular area of piercing in comparison to the ear and nose. It is mostly done through the cannula method. Although this procedure is considered fairly safe, it poses a threat in the form of excessive bleeding, injury to the vein and chipping of teeth etc
Upgrade your style quotient this season by taking the right safety measures while getting your body pierced. Thereís no better way to take care of yourself than taking care yourself!

Body Piercing Aftercare
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