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Lip piercing is very much in vogue these days. Read to know about the danger of lip piercing and the aftercare required.

Lip Piercing

Lip piercing is very famous fashion trend, particularly among teenagers, who like to adopt funky styles. Even many designers and people from the glam world consider this as welcoming and the most popular fashion statement. Although, piercing has been on a rise in recent years, this art is actually centuries old as ancient Africans used lip piercing as a part of body art and was very popular at that time. Today, with some new techniques and modern jewelry, it has become even more popular among the younger generation around the world. If you are looking forward to experience this fashion style then you must first know the after effects and remedies for the problems caused by piercing. Infections are the most common problem of piercing your lips and, moreover, it takes lots of time to heal compared to any other types of body piercing, thus, utmost care should taken to ensure safety. Scroll down the article and follow more on the danger and aftercare of lip piercing.

Dangers Of Lip Piercing
  • Before going in for lip piercing, make sure you are fully aware of its harmful effects. Evaluate the pros and cons associated with it and then take a conscious decision, so that you don't repent later. Lip piercing is not an easy process and, sometimes, if proper care is not taken, infections can develop. Thus, be prepared to provide proper attention and care to your piercing.
  • Swelling is a common feature, when it comes to lip piercing. To mitigate swelling, a larger ring or a stud is pushed into the pierced area. When the swelling subsides, you can wear the jewelry of your choice. Lip piercing can prove to be very hazardous for your teeth and gums, if the right jewelry is not worn. You should take care that the lip ring does not touch the gums. Refrain from smoking and anything that comes in direct contact with the pierced area.
  • The most common adverse effect of lip piercing is tooth scrambling. Because of lip piercing, some teeth might get loose or there might be a slight change in their arrangement because of erosion and infection. In severe cases, this problem may lead to changes in the jaw line, thereby, changing the beauty of your teeth. Another problem with this is the development of oral patches, which are the result of infected gums and teeth. Nerve damage is another major problem of frequent lip piercing or if the piercing is not done properly.
Lip Piercing Aftercare
  • Immediately after the piercing, to prevent any infection, make sure to apply lysozyme, an enzyme that helps in killing bacteria around infected areas. However, nowadays, most professional piercers use this enzyme after the piercing.
  • While getting your lip pierced, you must be absolutely sure whether all the equipments used are properly washed with disinfectants. This is because even if there is slight carelessness in sterilizing the equipments, the risk of infections and spreading of diseases from one customer to the other increases.
  • If there is any sign of wound or infection, just remove the jewelry and use a good antibiotic. If the problem persists or spreads, immediately consult a doctor and follow his/her prescription carefully. If the problem is simple you can treat it at home only. One of the best ways to avoid infection from taking place is to apply homemade saline solution on the pierced area. To prepare this solution, all you need to do is mix 1/8 teaspoon of sea salt in one cup of warm water. After having your meal, rinse your mouth using this saline solution.