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Check out the home remedy treatment for curing the problem of dry chapped cracked lips.

Home Remedy For Chapped Dry Lips

Dry chapped lips not only mess up your overall appearance but also make an ugly sight. If you are frequently peeling, licking or experiencing bleeding from the sides of the mouth, the chances are that you are suffering from chapped dry lips. Sometimes, dry lips are also triggered due to other serious illnesses like Kawasaki disease, Macrocytosis, sexually transmitted disorders, etc. A change in the lifestyle and treating your lips to a wide range of home remedies can help cure this problem significantly. Since, lips forms a vital part of our body just like any other organ, looking after them is extremely important. A sparkling smile with pink soft lips can instantly brighten up anyone and make him/her get attracted towards you. So gear up, and read the following write up to know more about the chapped dry lips home remedy treatment and cure for dry cracked lips. Read on.

Chapped Dry Lips Home Remedy Treatment
  • Water not just nourishes the skin but also the lips. People who do not drink enough water daily are usually susceptible to dry skin and dry lips. On the other hand, those who gulp down ten to twelve glasses of water will be blessed with flawless skin and smooth pink lips.
  • Always keep a lip balm or petroleum jelly with you and apply it regularly to make the lips smooth. You should also regularly apply a moisturizer on the lips to keep them hydrated.
  • Women should avoid wearing too much lipstick as it can make the lips appear more dry and dark. In case you do apply lipstick, then make sure that before putting them on, you apply some moisturizer or lip balm.
  • Make it a habit to apply generous amount of petroleum jelly or lip balm on the lips before going to the bed. People with dry lips can dab butter or pure ghee on their lips to treat chapped and crack lips.
  • A good old remedy for chapped lips is to soak rose petals in raw milk for few hours. Then, blend the rose petals and milk to make a smooth paste. Apply this paste on the lips to make them smooth.
  • To keep the lips free from dry dead skin, gently rub a portion of milk cream. Also, see that you don't peel dry skin from the lips.
  • Another good home treatment is to apply glycerin mixed with a little honey on the lips. Doing this regularly will prevent the lips from cracking and make them soft.
Cure For Dry Cracked Lips
  • Cracked lips are characterized by dry and flaky lip surface and it is one of the most common problems that we all face.  In most of the cases, chapped lips are caused due to bad lifestyle habits like smoking, drinking, inadequate intake of water and a poor diet.
  • As the lips do not have the ability to produce oil, unlike the skin, it is prone to develop cracks. Some of the other factors that cause this condition are exposure to sun, wind, dry weather, dehydration, vitamin deficiencies, breathing through the mouth and even constant licking of lips.
  • By regularly moisturizing and eating plenty of vegetables and fruits along with proper intake of water, you can overcome cracked lips. There are a wide range lip balms and other lip balm products that you can also use to get rid of cracked lips.
  • Besides home remedies, some of the other options that you can try to cure cracked lips are by increasing the humidity of your workplace or home, covering your face with a scarf during the winter, washing your mouth frequently and then applying lip balm, avoiding sunburns and overexposure to strong wind.