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Read about hair loss problem and cure, self-care and remedy tips for hair loss and it causes and solutions.

Hair Loss Problem And Cure

All of us lose hair at some point during our lives! The body then replaces it with new strands as part of the renewal process inbuilt in our systems. As we age, the reappearance of new hair gradually slows down. This fact is more evident in men than in women. Why? Owing to the reason that male-pattern baldness is a genetically dominant feature. It may begin as early as 20 years in some individuals. For women, the hair normally thins only after the age of 50. The most common problems with bad hair care are dandruff, graying, hair fall, brittleness and slow growth. Intensive medications and environmental pollution could be other reasons for severe hair loss. Temporary hair loss may occur in conjunction with a high fever, severe illness, thyroid disorders, iron deficiency, general anesthesia, drug treatments, hormonal imbalance, extreme stress, or during childbirth. The principle here is that the hair follicles suddenly go into a resting phase causing hair to thin noticeably. Though most of these problems are natural signs of ageing or part of our genetic makeup, there are some simple preventive measures and home remedies that may help you.

Self Care And Remedy Tips For Hair Loss
  • Massage your scalp with 2-3 drops of any essential oil. Press and knead the scalp in such a way that the oil seeps deep into the roots. Then wrap your hair in shower cap for 10 minutes. Following this, place a warm towel around it and leave it for some time before washing.
  • If you have brittle or dry hair because of frequent usage of chemical shampoos then transfer to using a mild shampoo that is not detergent based.
  • Eat a handful of white sesame seeds every morning. It contains about 1,200 mg. of calcium and magnesium that nourishes your scalp reducing hair loss.
  • Consume a bowlful of yogurt everyday (unless you are allergic to milk). This gives a new shine to your hair.
  • Rinsing your hair with a mix of apple cider vinegar and tea helps the hair grow stronger and faster.
  • Mix lukewarm castor oil with almond oil and massage your scalp atleast once a week with this mixture.
  • Grind lime seeds and black pepper of equal amounts in some water. Regularly apply this on the scalp for instant results!
  • Scrub the bald portion of your scalp with onions. Apply a spoonful of honey and scrub the scalp once a day.
  • Massage coconut milk or Aloe Vera gel slowly and gently into your hair. Leave this for half an hour before rinsing off with warm water. Repeat thrice a week.
  • Mix honey with egg yolk and apply this mixture into your scalp and hair. Leave it for sometime before rinsing.
  • Eat a balanced and healthy diet as this is highly beneficial for your hair. Another remedy that some doctors recommend is the use of baby shampoo. But remember not to shampoo more than once a day and lather gently.
  • Don't rub your hair too vigorously with a towel while drying it. Hair experts suggest you not to use the blow dryer either. If you are in a hurry then adjust the temperature on the dryer to 'low heat'.
  • Never style your hair when it is dry or damp. This can cause your locks to become elastic and break.
These are a few cures suggested for hair loss which you can use in your daily life. There are medicines available in market that claim to increase hair growth but you need to use your discretion and a doctor's opinion before selecting those products. A sincere advice would be to opt for herbal products and home remedies.