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Read about the simple and easy tips for body care and fitness, healthy living and also tips on how to be slim and trim.

Body Care

There are innumerable reasons to appreciate and relish the body you, as an individual, have. Easier said than done! But the earlier you learn to accept and love yourself, the more amounts of precious time, energy and patience you will conserve. Your body is a wonderland that needs constant maintenance because of all the junk food you've consumed. Care for the body is one of the most important things you need to attend to if your health is suffering or even otherwise. It is not a difficult job, but just that it requires a portion of your attention. The human body is an incredibly complex and intricate system with every cell, tissue and organ playing a central role in keeping you alive! What is essential is healthy living, not just survival. Exercising makes the heart stronger, strengthens the bones and helps you breathe better. Following a proper diet helps in transforming and re-shaping the body. Read about some of the tips that will help you develop a slim and trim body as well as take care of it in the right way.

Tips For A Healthy Living
Have you ever heard of the expression 'use it or lose it'? It's true! If you don't use your body well, you will surely lose it. Your muscles become flabby and weak within no time and efficiency of your heart and lungs decrease. Inactivity is as much of a health risk as smoking is! To avoid such a state, you must exercise and prepare a balanced diet.
  • Eat a minimum of three servings of whole-grain foods such as bread, pastas and cereal on an everyday basis.
  • Work on reducing cholesterol levels so as to maintain the health of your heart. This can be done by regular cardio exercises and consuming plenty of vegetables, protein and lentils.
  • Cycling (either outdoors or in the gym) is a great all round low impact exercise that helps you strengthen your leg muscles and it also improves your aerobic fitness and flexibility.
  • Avoid oily foods, especially saturated fats like butter and ghee. For cooking, use soya, sunflower, mustard or olive oil.
  • Non-vegetarian dishes, usually red-meats, increase triglycerides and cholesterol, blood pressure and heart disabilities.
  • Stay away from pills that are taken for body health improvement. They are known to have side effects.
  • Consumption of tobacco will not only result in cancer but cause other nervous disorders and subsequent paralysis.
  • Increase intake of dates, as it has a high iron content which helps in maintaining a stronger body.
How To Be Slim And Trim
  • Continuous exercising is necessary for physical fitness and good health. It reduces the risk of heart disease, cancer, high blood pressure, diabetes and various such illnesses.
  • Working out also improves your stamina by training your body to use lesser energy for the same amount of work. After strenuous activity, conditioning levels improve and thus causing breathing rates also to return to normal much sooner.
  • Stretching exercises or warm-ups are important for good posture. They are always required before and after a rigorous routine of exercise. Workouts are also a key to weight control because it burns calories by increasing the body metabolic rate.
  • Apart from the above, it also reduces stress, lifts the mood and cures insomnia! It can keep you looking and feeling younger throughout your entire life. Exercising is known to be one of the best anti-ageing agents.
  • Yoga also contributes to maintenance of the body by bringing together the mind, body and spirit. But whether you use yoga for spiritual transformation or for stress management and physical well-being, the benefits are numerous. They include reduced stress, a sound sleep, lowered blood pressure, smoking cessation help, decreased muscle tension, increased strength and flexibility.
Other Body Care Tips
  • Steam bath with essential oils opens the pores and moisturizes the body.
  • Alpha therapy uses sound and light waves to de-stress bodily pains.
  • Mud packs are heavenly when it comes to relaxation and keeping your body rejuvenated.
  • Facials and body massages will also help in accomplishing body maintenance.
The key here is not to try useless and frustrating diets to remain healthy. Consuming nutritious foods on a daily basis, exercising & yoga and relaxation will help you get the best care for your body!

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