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A spa treatment can do wonders for your mind, body and soul! Read about these body treatments in spas, tips and secrets for face and hands from spa experts.

Spa Secrets

Owing to our constant busy schedules, we generally hardly have time to breathe, let alone treatments such as an aromatherapy or spa treatments. But we know what's good for! Just a day's pampering can rejuvenate you and shed the stress and tiredness which accumulates with passing time. If you wish to maintain your natural look and stay beautiful for a long time then there are various natural herbs and ingredients which you need to consider. Different agents such as water, clay and minerals play a remarkable role in this process as they have no long term side effects. So, what does the word 'spa' bring to your mind? Full and ultimate body relaxation! A body spa treatment typically offers an exciting mix of services that comprise of therapeutic energizing massages and enriching aromatherapy. If you are looking for some great spa secrets for a beautiful looking face and body, then look no further! Continue reading this article and learn all about body treatments in spas and tips from the experts.

Treatment For Face
  • Self-care: This includes mental, spiritual and physical health. Start with massaging your shoulders or neck with a blend of invigorating oils. Move onto the face and rub in circular motions. These simple tips that we use, to enhance our daily routine is called self-care.
  • Bathing: Brush your skin vigorously before having a shower as it stimulates lymphatic circulation and aids in detoxification. Take an extra minute while bathing to rub a pumice stone over your rough/cracked heels. Massage with a drop of essential oil such as rosemary or lavender.
  • Facial Packs: Use facial cleansers, based on your skin's type, by carefully avoiding anything that leaves a harsh residue or clogs the pores of your skin. Oil-based cleansers such as the skin purifiers and cleansing oils also you're your epidermal layers soft and supple. Homemade masks using equal parts of egg white and honey contribute in tightening pores and firming skin.
Treatment For Hands
  • Apply a mixture of olive oil, cucumber juice and glycerin to your hands to give it a nourished feel. Simply rubbing any kind of oil and lime juice together will make your palms soft and beautiful.
  • A paste of tomato, glycerin and lime can be massaged onto your face and hands for a refreshed look.
  • For glowing hands, make sure that you apply almond oil before going to bed. If you are short on this ingredient, use petroleum jelly for the same purpose.
Body Treatments In Spas
  • Algae/Seaweed- These wraps help in boosting digestion and enhancing skin health. The treatment involves a full-body application of seaweed or algae in a foil wrap. Both of these ingredients are rich in vitamins and amino acids, which can be absorbed through the skin. The wraps are also believed to aid in detoxification by causing the body to release toxins through sweat.
  • Herbal Wrap- A heated herb-and-oil soaked cloth is used, which is intended to heal and relax. Spa practitioners often use a herbal wrap as a body slimming technique claiming that this treatment promotes the elimination of fat cells from the lymphatic system. After this procedure, you will surely notice a smoother tighter skin!
  • Mud Wrap- Mud wraps are known to increase circulation and remove toxins from the skin. This helps in regeneration of skin cells and its slow ageing. Here, mud is applied over the entire body and allowed to be absorbed by the skin. It is then removed with the help of hot towels. A body polish is recommended immediately following a mud wrap as it is a pain and muscle reliever.
Body treatment is a wonderful experience that not only makes you look divine, but also ensures various health benefits. This kind of treatment is known to alleviate tension, energize your spirits and calm the senses. Hopefully after this reading, you are headed to get pampered in your favourite spa!