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Check out some simple as well as cool tattoo design ideas. If you want a unique style, you can go in for the custom tatoo design.

Tattoo Design

Tattoos are the latest fad around the globe! But the real trend of tattooing is not a new concept as the concept as body art originated from tribes in Africa. Tattoos are typically an expression of diverse things such as personal ideas, thoughts and beliefs that take a pictorial representation. Apart from this, the idea of getting 'inked' is a cool and funky tribute to your personality. With its growing popularity, not only youngsters are sporting it, but people from all walks of life. For those who are keen and serious on getting a tattoo must keep several things in mind. Being open to the idea and looking through various designs and locations to get tattooed is the first step. Who knows, with a unique and customized tattoo, you might just start the latest trend! If you are a creative genius then quickly pen down your patterns on paper or speak to a tattoo artist and recreate your designs. The section below gives you a description on the various types of tattoo design ideas.

Tattoo Design Ideas
Tattoo designs come in varieties and styles that have evolved to cater to exponential demand for getting inked. The following design ideas are some of the most popular ones that can be adopted.

Tribal Tattoos
If you are new to the concept of tribal tattooing then this may come to you as a surprise! The ancient tribes tattooed themselves as a symbol that represented a particular group or sector. Members who possessed a specific design on their bodies were said to be of a particular tribe. Similarly, the locals of Scotland, Ireland, New Zealand, Africa and North America are known to practice the custom of tribal tattooing. Slowly drastic changes were made to this tradition and it came to be known as a 'new-age trend'. You may find several youngsters adopting this age old method and bringing it back to life. The meaning of a tribal tattoo has also undergone a transformation. It currently stands for an expression of individual free spirit and describes uniqueness among oneself. A study conducted on the positive side effects of these kinds of tattoos are believed to generate optimistic thoughts and build self-confidence. Tribal tattooing has evolved from different tribes like the Celtic, Maoris, Samoa, Africa, Borneo etc

Lower Back Tattoo
Lower back tattooing has become a rage in the world of fashion, mostly among young women. With celebrities adopting this style, the lower back tattoo is currently the biggest trend setter. Angelina Jolie, Nicole Richie, Eva Longoria and Anna Kournikova have all been spotted with this form of body art. A tattoo on the lower back signifies a bold sensuality as well as brings out the provocative side in a personality. Lower back tattoos are also known to accentuate the feminine body by drawing attention to that area. The designs that are normally chosen can range from cute to tribal. Most of the time, the patterns reflect on intimate feelings about a thing or a person. Lower back tattoos are a fun and exciting way to make a gallant fashion statement. Ensure that you choose the design carefully or else you could end up looking like a nomad! Lastly wear clothes that complement both your tattoo and fashion quotient.

Celtic Tattoo
Celtic tattoos are very similar to tribal tattoos in meaning. But they differ in terms of appearance and designs. In the olden days, Celtic tattoos were introduced in many parts of Europe such as Scotland, Ireland and Wales. Not many people are aware of the fact that Celtic patterns come in various themes that represent nature and spiritual beliefs. A distinctive feature that sets it apart from the others is that it does not represent any worldly attachments but instead a composition of a person's philosophical thoughts on a certain subject. Celtic tattoos come in various forms such as crosses, knots and trinity knots.

Tattoo designs are an individual and personal choice. Before you get it imprinted on your body for life, make a wise choice that you don't regret.