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Chinese tattoo designs have always been in great demand. Read to know about the Chinese tatoo body art.

Chinese Tattoos

Chinese tattoos have become a raging phenomenon among tattoo enthusiasts all around the world. They offer beautiful and exotic symbols, they possess a deeper meaning and infact, are a clever approach to expressing your message. Initially, having Chinese body art was considered to be a privilege amongst the criminals and dons. Chinese tattoos were controversial symbols at that time. The writings are truly art forms which have aesthetic appeal. Each symbol represents an object, rather than a letter. Perhaps, it is this artistic, poetic or picto-phonetic way of communication that appeals to so many people. Nearly as popular as logograms are the animals of the Chinese zodiac. The most common ones represent ideas and qualities like love or strength. Designated by year of birth, inking a tattoo that corresponds to your birth date is quite fashionable. Remember to take extreme care before and after getting a tattoo. Read below to know more about Chinese tattoo designs and body art.

Chinese Tattoos Designs
  • Dragon Tattoo: This represents the charitable helper of human beings. The dragon is known as an enchanting and tremendous snake that has spiritual and mysterious magical powers. It also symbolizes the association between paradise and Earth.
  • Phoenix Tattoo: It is symbolic of great virtue and elegance.
  • Koi Fish Tattoo: This tattoo characterizes masculinity and bravery, the capability of achieving significant objectives and defeating the difficulties in your life.
  • Henna Tattoo: Henna tattoos are very popular among women especially teenagers and young adults. They do not require the painful needle, gun procedure or the scabby healing time. They are temporary and are sure to fade away within several weeks. Hence, the need to surgically remove this design is eliminated!
  • Kanji Tattoo: Kanji tattoos come from a non-Western language. The symbols do not represent individual characters but instead are graphic depictions of complete ideas or concepts.
Chinese Tattoo Body Art
  • Choose an expert tattoo artist. Chinese symbol tattoos are most likely to go wrong. Mistranslations, poor designs and bad alignment can all render your new design meaningless. Before this happens, get professional advice and make sure that you get a good quality, authentic design that you are satisfied with.
  • Avoid usage of Kanji designs from tattoo studios. Many of these places provide a variety of these predesigned symbols that can be tattooed onto your body. They are cheap and quick but suffer from a number of major side effects.
  • Take the advice of a Chinese person. Chinese writing is extremely complex. Often, there can be one word with several meanings. So make sure that you speak to a relevant person who can verify the right symbols to match its intended meaning.
  • Choose your words and artist carefully. When you get a new tattoo, remember that it is a permanent mark on your body. So before you decide to get a Chinese symbol tattoo, think long-term and try to select from a wide range of ideas that express who you are and what you stand for. It's vital to select a tattoo artist who is experienced in producing Chinese calligraphy.
Tattoos have the capability to make or mar the personality of a person. So, it is of utmost importance that you make the right selection of a Chinese tattoo that goes well with your personality type. Don't forget to make a style statement while you're at it!