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Having tattoo designs on the lower back has become a very popular fashion. Check out lower back tattoo styles.

Lower Back Tattoos

Tattoos carved on the lower back are believed to be incredibly trendy and fascinating. They are popular because of the large and flat surface of lower back and owing to its easy accessibility. Tribal designs have been increasingly finding their way as backside tattoos particularly amongst young girls. Celtic designs are also famous for lower back tattooing. Several tattoo artists use a combination of tribal and urban designs to make it visually appealing. V-shaped tattoos are believed to give a sensual and sexy look. A person who desires a lower back tattoo must have the patience for it because this is a delicate part to ink on. Apart from this, it is important to wear proper clothes so that tattoo artists can show their creativity effectively and make your lower back appear beautiful. Choose a tattoo by considering the shape and complexion of your skin on that particular area. Along with this, select a design which suits your style and personality. Tattoos on the lower back help in accentuating your voluptuous figure, if you have one! Body art is meant to be eye-catching and alluring and immediately brings you into the limelight. Read further to know about the lower back tattoo styles and designs.

Lower Back Tattoo Designs
  • Lower back tattoo designs are carved in the middle of the back and going towards the end creating a very sexy look. Tribal designs, butterflies, flowers and dragonflies are some of the most popular choices for these tattoos.
  • Many tattoo patterns on the body that have swirls or curls make this form of body art appear flawless and give it a natural look too.
  • Floral designs with branches that spread outward towards the side of your lower back are something that adds a feminine touch. The flowers when inked in different colors are an added advantage.
  • Another tattoo idea which would be suitable for creating a mesmerizing effect is that of a bird with extended wings. It can be made up by selecting an eagle or a songbird with unique and creative designs. You could also go in for astrological or zodiac signs.
  • Princess crown tattoos can be made on the whole of the lower back. You can get a charming diamond tiara carved on this area. Colors such as purple, pink, red and green color are applied to give a glamorous look.
  • If you are unable to decide on a certain design then ask the tattoo for suggestions. They might be able to give you details regarding what looks good and how it would suit your back's shape.
  • For a lower back tattoo, you are allowed to select bright colors. Celtic lower back tattoos will never be regarded as promiscuous because they have a deep religious meaning. Celtic knots and Celtic crosses are amongst the most famous designs of lower back. Undoubtedly, lower back tattoos are very seductive.
  • If you are looking for a bold and stylish look then dragons are a recommended option. Dragons with tribal art also look stunning. The beneficial part about this tattoo lies in its variety.
  • Also, if you are biased to hearts and pink, you could opt for a pierced heart tattoo filled in with a red or pink color. Other designs can be an angel, a mermaid or a dolphin.
  • The most important thing to remember while getting a lower back tattoo is to pick a design that suits your personality. Apart from this, location and size also matters!
  • Regardless of what you have chosen, make sure that it holds a special meaning in your heart. Hygiene is absolutely crucial.
Lower back tattoos are magnificent and it gives the bearer, a sensual effect. If you are convinced about sporting a lower back tattoo, do adequate research and select a unique design. Always keep in mind that tattoos are permanent. So, make the right choice and look beautiful!