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Aerobics and body fitness are an essential part of daily living. Read about some of the aerobics instructions, advantages and the equipment that you need for aerobic exercise.

Aerobics And Body Fitness

The benefits of keeping your body fit are similar to keeping your car well maintained. It runs better and stays in a good working condition for longer. The only difference is that in case of negligence, you can always get a new car but the same cannot happen with your body! Aerobics plays an indispensible role in a healthy living and perfect physique fitness. As the name suggests, aerobics is when oxygen is consumed for power and the individual makes rhythmic movements of a low level intensity in a fixed pattern. It helps in strengthening the cardiovascular system, developing muscles, enhancing our endurance capacities and burning off fat naturally. So what are you waiting for? Go on and get enrolled at your nearest aerobics centre! These exercises are inexpensive and all you need is a good pair of shoes and a set of dumbbells to begin with. Continue reading this article for some more information on the types and advantages of aerobics and body fitness.

Types Of Aerobics
  • Low impact aerobics: Due to various health problems, several people cannot perform high intensity workouts. Low impact aerobics is a precise exercise that has been devised for such people as they in involve slow and rhythmic movements.
  • Water aerobics: This is the best way to exercise over the summers! For individuals ailing from arthritis and other joint-related problems, health experts have declared that water aerobic workouts are extremely beneficial in burning out unwanted flab from the body and building inner strength too.
  • Dance aerobics: Exercise incorporated with dance movements and practiced with music are highly popular! Fat-burning aerobics are combined with the development of muscle and stretching exercises. If this is a rigourous technique, then opting for low-impact aerobics might help.
  • Sport aerobics: Sport aerobics is a hard and competitive sport that provides a singular connection of aerobic choreography and gymnastics. It generates a chance for adolescents and adult individuals to compete in a sport that is a lesser risk compared to gymnastics and still retaining the artistic quality and fun of aerobics.
Advantages Of Aerobic Exercises
  • It decreases the risk in developing diabetes, heart diseases and obesity. It is believed that the heart operates more efficiently and becomes stronger in the process.
  • It helps in weight control as it triggers an increase in heart rate and in metabolic rate which naturally results in more calories being burned.
  • Aerobics increases body muscle strength and elasticity and hence reduces and regulates body fat.
  • This form of exercise intensifies the resistance fatigue and gives you elevated levels of vigor for the rest of the day.
  • Aerobics helps in the prevention of cardiovascular diseases and chronic diseases like heart disease, hypertension and certain types of cancer.
  • One of the biggest benefits of aerobics is that it helps people recover from their depression, stress and anxiety.
Equipment For Aerobic Exercises
Aerobics equipment includes: The step platforms, dumbbells, exercise balls, yoga & Pilates and exercise mats, fitness DVDs and videos, toning bars, fitness cords, bands, and rings, heavy bags, heart rate monitors and flooring.

Precautions To Be Taken
  • Avoid aerobic classes if you have a history of heart or respiratory or joint problems. People with short-sightedness must be careful regarding a condition called retinal detachment which is possible due to sudden jerks or weight lifting.
  • You should breathe deeply for an extended period of time to increase heart rate and oxygen levels before and after a workout. Warm ups must be performed to avoid any other injuries.
  • Consult your trainer/doctor immediately if you experience slight pains in your chest or find it difficult to breathe since this might be related to the type and intensity of your exercise.
The concept is as simple as this: higher your degree of aerobic fitness, the lesser amount of fatigue you experience. You know exactly what you should be doing now!