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Body treatments cleanse your body of all that has been accumulated over the years. Read about the tips and techniques for body treatment, types of body care and body massage treatments.

Body Treatment Tips & Techniques

Do you wish to supplement your health with a non-medical procedure? If yes, then a body treatment is all you need. It not only nurtures your body, which is overworked, but it also gives a sense of calm to the mind and spirit. Just like how facials are for the face, body treatments are for body as a whole! Taking care of your body means sanitizing, exfoliating and hydrating your skin. Hence these procedures are meant to relax the shriveled skin and remove unwanted toxins. They are also the best way to keep the body harmoniously well-balanced. Body treatments mainly comprise of massages and body wraps. Gentle strokes help in revitalizing the body, reducing stress, increasing blood circulation, treating many ailments and also strengthening the immune system and muscles. The most popular body treatment is a scrub; sometimes referred to as body polish, salt glow or sea-salt scrub. Read the article below for an idea about the methods and types of body treatments which could take you to a whole new level of existence!

Body Massage Techniques
  • Fan Stroking- To begin, place your hands with palms facing down on the side of the body to be treated. Then fan your fingers out on both sides by slowly releasing the pressure. Glide them down, pulling them back toward the original position. Repeat.
  • Circular Stroking- Circular stroking calls for both the hands to work on the same side at once. One hand completes a full circle, while the other does a half circle.
  • Thumb Stroking- Place your hands on the body and stroke firmly up and outwards with your left thumb. Then repeat this same motion with your right thumb, slightly higher. This is a great way to release tension in delicate areas such as the neck.
  • Basic Kneading- This technique is relaxing and the motion is similar to kneading dough. It has been proven to be a very successful method for fleshy areas of the body.
  • Circular Pressure- Start by applying light pressure with your thumbs. Begin moving them in a circular motion by gradually increasing the pressure. Slowly release your fingers and glide it on to the neighbouring areas. Repeat.
  • Static Pressures- Place your thumbs on the skin and slowly lean into them so that you are constantly increasing the pressure. Hold this for about 10 seconds and then move to the next point. Make sure to never use your nails for fear of hurting the person.
  • Cat Stroking- Place your left hand on top of the area you are massaging. By applying very light pressure, slowly glide down the body (as if petting a cat). If these methods are done correctly then the receiver might even fall asleep!
  • Knuckling- Curl your hands in such a way that the middle portion of your fingers are against the skin. Continue by rotating your knuckles in a rippling movement in small circles on the shoulders, chest, palms and feet.
Types Of Body Treatments

Swedish Massage
This is the most popular style of massage in the U.S. and other countries. It basically comprises of stroking the skin and kneading the muscles. A professional therapist uses firm but gentle pressure in five different movements. The five movements are long and gliding strokes, kneading of individual strokes, friction, hacking/tapping and vibration. Swedish massage improves blood circulation, reduces muscle ache and tensions, improves flexibility and creates relaxation.

Thai Therapy
Thai massages use passive stretching and gentle pressure along the body's energy lines. A simple way to look at it is - yoga without effort! The masseurs push your body into various positions while you lie down and absorb the relaxation. The function of the Thai massage is to increase suppleness, relieve muscle and joint tensions and balance the energy systems in your body.

Body Wraps
A body wrap is also termed as a body cocoon or body mask. They are highly therapeutic treatments that detoxify the body by using simple and natural ingredients. The latter help in tightening and toning the skin and stimulate the body in the process. Body wraps also help in getting rid of trapped toxins, excess fat and lymph fluids.
A body treatment is a pampering experience that ensures various health benefits apart from being absolutely divine. So take out sometime of your busy schedule and treat yourself to a soothing body massage!