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Need some tips for portraying a better body image? Read on to learn about the secrets of attaining confidence and a healthy body.

Tips For Better Body Image

The body is your temple. Keep it pure and clean for the soul to reside in. ~B.K.S. Iyengar. Having a beautiful body does not refer to the fairness or smoothness of skin but it pertains to the personality of a person concerned. Merely showering, washing your hair, brushing and manicuring your nails is not enough to have a healthy body. Every individual must hold body maintenance as an integral part of living as it not only enhances their appearance but it also improves self-image and esteem. One of the reasons that make it necessary to go ahead with skin and body pampering is exposure to the sun. Too much of ultraviolet radiation can damage your skin. Body image dissatisfaction is so epidemic in our society that it is almost considered normal! Body image defines an individual sense of style prevalent in each one of us. Read this article for some tips for better body image and its secrets.

Confidence And Healthy Body Secrets
  • You stay confident when you are healthy. Thus make it a point to eat a balanced diet. Healthy eating means to include a diet that contains nutrients in the form of protein, carbohydrates, fat, water, vitamins, and minerals. This also leads to better looking skin, hair and bones.
  • Regular exercise has been shown to boost confidence and energy levels. When you do this, pay attention to the rhythms and sensations that you experience as you move. While workouts are often promoted as a way to lose weight and achieve an idealized body shape, it also helps us feel good about ourselves.
  • If you wish to boost your confidence then accept compliments given to you with regard to your body instead of denying it and living with an inferiority complex. Believe in yourself. This is probably easier said than done. But, it is one of the best tips that anyone can get.
  • Use techniques of stress management. Try taking rest whenever possible. If you have a job which involves staring at a computer screen, then make sure you perform eye exercises frequently. Give your body some rest after every meal.
  • Do not get obsessed with slimness and be obsessed about it! Instead, just experiment with a weight you are comfortable with. Find your 'set point' and strive to achieve that.
  • Experience your body as a whole instead of an individual judgment of each part of your body. Do not pay extra attention to particular parts of your body that you find 'fat'. It will only make you sadder and less confident.
  • Make it a point to try on different styles and looks instead of trying to imitate a rigid beauty idol that has been promoted by the media. Individualistic style statements are preferred as long as you are comfortable with your body. For example; if you have a curvy body, then learn to embrace your curves as symbols of power and pride. But don't forget to choose your clothes accordingly!
Factors Of Negative Body Image
  • Influence of media and popular culture is one of the biggest factors for women who claim that if they lose weight and appear thin, immediately become more beautiful!
  • Participation in activities where extreme starvation and the 'need to look good' is promoted. These are mainly found in professions involving dancing, gymnastics and modeling.
  • A parent who is preoccupied with their weight and dieting can make life difficult for their children too, especially if the kid is inclined onto the heavier side.
  • Being teased, bullied or harassed based on size, gender, skin colour or physical abilities are sure to be one of the causes of acquiring a negative body image. Peer pressure can be traumatic for most of the victims.
  • Physical changes in the body at different stages of life such as puberty and pregnancy result in women getting a negative body image. This is because of hormonal changes that lead to mood swings and hence a difference in perspective.
A body image is a mental picture that you have of your body and also, how you perceive yourself when you look into a mirror! Hope some of these tips for a better body image have helped you overcome the negativity.