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Wearing lipstick is an art. Here are given some tips on how to apply lipstick properly.

How To Apply Lipstick

Don't we often get tempted by the luscious colorful thing called 'lipstick' that enhance the beauty of our lips and make them look so enticing? Lipstick is an object of desire for many women and occupies a significant place in their make-up kits. Numerous cosmetic companies are making big profits by selling their quality lipsticks, which are sold in a wide range of attractive hues. Teenage girls and elegant old ladies apply a coat of their favorite color on the lips to make it look sensual and glamorous. For some, using lipstick gives a sense of confidence and boosts their morale. Just buying and storing lipsticks, without knowing how to apply it, is probably one of the silliest things ever you can do. It's vital to learn the art of wearing the lipstick in a right manner in order to flaunt great lips. Scroll down the article to find out about how to apply lipstick and lip liner. Check it out.

How To Wear Lipliner And Lipstick

Applying Lipliner
  • Lip liner is used to give the lips a clean and neat shape and it is applied before putting on a lipstick. However, its application is optional and depends on your personal preferences.
  • Buy a lip liner that matches the color of your lipstick and, preferably, buy the one that is two shades darker than your lipstick, as using a liner that is darker in tone than the lipstick makes the look odd. So, be careful while picking a lip liner.
  • First, draw an outline starting from the center of your upper lip and slowly proceed towards the outer corner. Similarly, line the other side. It's always wise to use the side of the pencil while outlining, than using the tip to create a natural look.
  • To prevent lip liners from breaking, refrigerate them one hour before using them and sharpen them with a good sharpener.
  • Another reason we use a lip liner is to prevent the lipstick from 'bleeding' via those fine lines around the mouth. This is specially the case with middle aged and old ladies.
Applying The Lipstick
  • Once the lip liner is applied, you can dab a bit of moisturizer on your lips. Doing this will not just soften the lips but also make the lipstick easier to remove later.
  • As a base, and in order to even out the color, you can dab a dusting powder or foundation on your lips. While applying, spread the lips and apply it starting from the center of each lip and gradually proceed outwards to fill in the lipstick.
  • To make your lips look full and seducing, add gloss. Apply lip gloss in small amounts over the lips to get attractive moist lips. You can use gloss that is infused with small amount of pepper as it helps in giving the lips a natural red shadow.
  • Those who have small lips must avoid going for strong and dark colors as they tend to make them look even smaller.
  • To get sexy and pouty lips, you can combine both lip gloss and lipstick. For a gothic look, it is better to pick up a dark red or black lipstick. To make the lipstick stay on for long duration, fill entire lip with lip liner and then apply the lipstick. In this way, though the color fades away, the lip liner will be there underneath.