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Cosmetic lip tattoos have made a comeback! Nowadays, more people are influenced by the idea of getting cosmetic tattoos on their lips. Read this article for some more information on cosmetic lip tattooing.

Cosmetic Lip Tattoo

Cosmetic lip tattooing is not a new trend! During the ancient age, this form of art was practiced by women particularly in ancient Africa and the Mediterranean regions. But the modern era has seen the rise of women who perform this procedure to make their lips more attractive and in order to enhance their beauty. There are various designs which are available for inking tattoos on to your lips. Some of the benefits of a cosmetic lip tattoo include hiding problematic areas and making thick lips appear thinner. Technically, it is still a form of scarification but is non-invasive unlike other forms of plastic surgery. In this method, technology is used to regenerate the existing outline and redefine the shape of the lips. This way you can also opt for a permanent lip color and make your lip curves more sensuous. For this reason, cosmetic lip tattooing is also known as a 'permanent lip liner'. Cosmetic lip tattoos are therapeutic in a way because victims suffering from oral cancer or excessive depigmentation due to chemotherapy can be treated. Read the section below for a preview on the method and risks.

Cosmetic Lip Tattooing
  • The method of cosmetic lip tattoos is the same as any other form of tattooing. It is done with the help of a tattoo gun which doles out the biocompatible inks on to the area to be tattooed. The color used in this procedure is made of either of iron oxide or titanium dioxide pigments. Manual tattooing is also available but it is time consuming.
  • If you are deciding on getting a lip tattoo, it becomes your duty to consult a professional. They usually recommend stoppage of nicotine so as to minimize any chances of swelling or bleeding. There might be allergic reactions involved in response to the pigments applied. Cosmetic tattooing is not safe for those who are suffering from herpes simplex viral infection. Here, the patients are highly prone to an outbreak of sores that can leave scars on your face. If you are addicted to the intake of drugs or suffering from some other disease then a lip tattoo is hardly a thing to consider getting. Consult a cosmetologist first!
  • There is a risk of infection if certain precautions are not taken. For example, after tattooing you can see the enlarged region for atleast a week. This can be reduced with the regular use of ice over it. You may face the problem of eating as your lips will not cooperate with this painful procedure. Choose liquid supplements to avoid any chances of infection. Oral sex is not suggested during this time precisely for the reason of infectivity.
  • Although the pigments used are permanent, they may fade away after some time. All kinds of light, especially sunlight can decrease the colors of a lip tattoo. Regular touchups can prevent this from happening. Hence it is always advised that you select natural colors. Take proper and good care of your lips by regularly using a lip balm containing SPF. This prevents them from chapping and drying too.
  • Beware of age lines around your lips! If you have any of these then get rid of them before inking yourself. After a cosmetic lip tattoo, avoid biting your lips or touching them. Keep in mind the safety and hygiene involved before, after and during the method of cosmetic lip tattooing.
There are some dangers associated with the concept cosmetic lip tattooing. So it is highly advisable that before opting for it, consult an expert.