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Lip augmentation/enhancement/enlargement is a very popular cosmetic surgery that paves way for plumper and fuller lips.

Lip Augmentation

During the 19th century, it was every girl's desire to have soft, plump and full lips. Her youth was compared to the spring which is short lived. But in due time, age caught up and overshadowed her beauty. No amount of smiling and staying away from the harsh rays of the sun was helpful in escaping from the dreaded fate of wrinkles. With such few options, nature was left to take its own course. However, the scenario has changed with a number of developments in the field of medicine, especially to improve the ageing conditions. The modern woman is infact spoilt with choices and treatments to enhance her lip condition. With a simple medical procedure, she could obtain beautiful pouty lips. Lip augmentation is a technique that can successfully help with natural looking lips and leave you with innumerable compliments! The section below gives detailed information on the different kinds of lip augmentation procedures.

Lip Enhancement Surgery
Lip enlargement techniques can be classified under two categories: injectable fillers and surgeries.

Artefill is a type of cosmetic procedure that involves pumping up the soft tissues in order to reduce crow's feet at the corner of your eyes and mouth. This is a permanent method because once the solution is injected into your body it gets absorbed. Artefills are typically made up of animal protein and are referred to as bovinae collagen. Although this form of enhancement is effective, the fillers need to be repeated over a period of time. Patients who opt for this method need to get a skin test before the final decision.

Most women are not comfortable with the idea of getting an animal fat injection to cover up those fine lines. On the other hand, some prefer to sacrifice their own extra flab for this purpose. This can be done by extracting the fat from tissues and re-injecting it back into parts of their body which require it. The autologen procedure works exactly on this principle. Since there are no external or artificial means used, this procedure is free from any major side effects. The only risk being that the fat may get dissolved into the body.

This system is very similar to the autologen. The only difference between the two lies in the procedure. In the dermalogen method, a portion of the patient's fat tissues are removed and sent to a laboratory where it is converted into a highly concentrated form of collagen. This is infused into the lip. There have been several medical reports that say that the collagen lasts longer when compared to the one in autologen. Dermalogen is yet again, a safe and risk-free method to get sexy lips!

The alloderm technique is done through an implant of collagen material around the lip area. The collagen sheet is derived from a human donor and this is later made suitable as an implant material for lip augmentation. The procedure comprises of a minor incision where the collagen is inserted. It is to be remembered that this is not a permanent fix as the collagen will last only for 12 months. It has been a successful but sometimes there are minor reactions such as allergies or inflammations which will subside in a few days.

Fat grafting
The fat grafting method comprises of inserting a person's body flab by means of surgery into a desired area. First, a certain amount of fat tissues are removed and tested. Once it is proven to be suitable for making an implant, the surgery is conducted. Here, the implant is inserted according to your requirements. The only disadvantage of this method is that it is unpredictable in terms of its longevity.

With the number of options for lip augmentation, you shouldn't have an excuse for those ugly lines around your lips. Don't frown because you never know who's falling in love with your smile!