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Read about hair care tips for healthy and beautiful hair, hair myths and facts, how to handle hair breakage and loss and how to enjoy hair care.

Hair Care Tips For Healthy And Beautiful Hair

All said and done, the hair forms an important part of our appearance. We are biologically programmed to view this as a marker in finding suitable partners as it is an important indicator of a person's youth, health and beauty. With a perfect hairstyle that matches your face shape and figure, you can you can make an individual style statement. But the point is that you can experiment with your looks and locks only if you have thick and luscious hair! Long hair can be called beautiful only if you pay adequate attention to it. There is definitely hard work involved, but the results could astonish you! In addition to being fun and trendy, the hair serves a valuable biological purpose i.e. it keeps your head warm and helps regulate body temperature. Read below to know more about tips to maintain healthy and beautiful hair, some ideas about the myths and facts about hair and how to handle hair breakage.

Hair Myths And Facts

Hair Facts:
  • A combination of hormones and genetic factors are responsible for hair loss in both males and females. A typical scalp contains 100,000 to 150,000 hair follicles before any serious cases of hair loss.
  • Blondes have the greatest number of scalp follicles followed by brunettes. Redheads are said to have the fewest number of hair follicles!
  • The hair is the fastest growing tissue in the body, second only to bone marrow. It is normal to lose approximately 100 hairs per day from the scalp.
  • Your hair turns gray because pigment cells known as melanin become dysfunctional. The hair bulb usually degrades in production, with increasing age or stress.
  • When your hair is wet, you can increase its length by up to 30% and it will still return to normal length after it has dried.  But, if you try this too often then it can damage the hair shafts too.
Hair Myths:
  • Washing your hair too much can cause hair loss. The only way this is possible is if you conduct this operation vigorously.
  • Cutting your hair makes it stronger and it tends to grow faster. Let's bust this myth with one question - how?!
  • Split ends can be repaired. This is a myth that needs to be broken because split ends cannot be mended and should be trimmed off immediately.
  • Dandruff causes you to lose hair. This is a very common belief amongst women.
  • Hair loss does not affect young people. Although most statistics show that older men tend to lose their hair, it can also be possible with teenagers and adults too.
  • Lack of sex causes hair to thin. Untrue!
  • Pluck one gray hair and two grow back. When you pluck gray hair out, there is a chance you're looking for more and hence see more!
How To Handle Hair Breakage And Loss
  • After a hair wash, try not to use a comb directly on the hair. Make it a point to run your fingers through your hair and ensure that it is not subjected to any jerks.
  • Make sure that you let your hair free once in a while. Tying your hair back in a ponytail or wearing a hat all the time will only add to stress on the hair follicles which results in hair breakage or hair loss.
  • Minimize the use of hair dryer. Try not using it directly over the scalp instead use it only on the hair. Again, do not use it on freshly washed locks. You could replace this by draining off the water with the help of a thick towel. Let your hair be semi-dry before you use the hair dryer again.
  • Use a high quality shampoo and conditioner that is designed for dry and fragile hair. Perform weekly deep conditioning treatments. Wear a swimming cap when you enter a pool to avoid exposing your hair to chlorine.
  • Wash your hair only once or twice a week. The more you wash your hair, the more it gets stripped of oil and it further dries up.
How To Enjoy Hair Care
  • Long or short, consult an expert who can suggest different looks. It is truly enjoyable to experiment with various hairstyles.
  • Learn to handle your hair length. This way you will give it more attention. There are many books and videos which can help you learn the basics of braiding.
  • There are certain remedies to help you take care of your problems such as dandruff, baldness etc. Adhere to the tips in case of hair loss problems, hair implant procedures, general hair care tips, hair coloring and hair styling and braids.
Hair care is an integral part of daily living. Thus, take care of your hair the way it should be done!

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