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When it comes to fashion, it is the body art tattoos that are ruling the world. Read to know about tatoo art work.

Tattoo Art

Since the last decade, tattoo art has gained immense popularity. There are two kinds of tattoos - permanent or temporary. A permanent tattoo is done by inserting ink into the lower dermis of your skin so that the color can seep in and leave a mark in form of a pattern. On the other hand, a temporary tattoo is usually done by the application of paints which are removable after few days. The same applies to a henna tattoo that stays for a couple of weeks before vanishing. There are several reasons why people get their bodies tattooed. For some, it makes a fashion statement while for the others it is a means to display their personality in the form of body art. Trend setters commonly ink themselves as an expression of love towards their partners. However, when you opt for permanent tattoos, beware of the design you choose and the place on your body that you pick. It is also advisable to research a particular 'word' before getting it inked on your body. Appearances are deceptive! Read below to learn more about tattoo art work.

Tattoo Art Work

History of Tattoo
The term 'tattoo' has been derived from the Polynesian word 'tatao', which means tapping or marking something. It was first coined by Captain James Cook in 1769 when he met the Tahitians during his voyage, who had decorated their bodies with tattoos.

Tattoo Design
Tattooing is not a new trend. As mentioned earlier, the tradition of engraving tattoos on the body has been practiced for ages. This art work has made a niche for itself in the fashion world and it has become a craze amongst teenagers today. To meet these ever-growing demands, there are numerous tattoo studios being erected in all major cities.

Tattoo Art and Body

Tribal Tattoo
Tribal tattoos have always been in vogue as they take you back in time to the primitive ages. Tribal tattoo designs have undergone a major transformation in meaning and significance. Infact, they have been constantly evolving and morphing into what is now known as the neo tribal tattoo.

Lower Back Tattoos
Tattoos on the lower back have always fascinated youngsters, especially women. Even the tribal designs have been finding their way into the making of lower back tattoos. Having these patterns on the lower back has become a symbol of a carefree personality. However in many cultures, it is known as the 'tramps tattoo'.

Celtic Tattoos
Celtic tattoos were popularized by Celtic cult. Being universal in nature, these symbols have always been preferred by tattoo artists and their customers! Nowadays, most of people like to mix the tribal and Celtic designs and create a new blended tattoo style, known as tribal Celtic tattoos.

Chinese Tattoos
Chinese tattoos have come into fashion recently. Initially, these tattoos stood for connotations of illegitimate trade and mafias. But today, many Hollywood stars have Chinese symbols or scripts tattooed on their bodies which are believed to erode away the negative attitude.

Japanese Kanji Script and Sanskrit Words
Many tattoo artists give the option of engraving a Japanese kanji script or even Sanskrit words on your body as specific patterns. These not only look fascinating but they might also have multiple meanings attached to it. Once you decide on getting this particular tattoo then conduct a thorough research before getting inked!

Henna Tattoos
If you are not ready to make a commitment in the form of a tattoo or if you have a low threshold for pain then choose a temporary tattoo. Henna tattoos are most commonly chosen by people who cannot decide if they want a real one. Henna or Mehendi is good for health and gives a rich color. Indian women use the henna tattoos during rituals and weddings. This ingredient is not only considered safe but is also supposed to be sacred.

These are the various options for tattoo art. If you want to tattoo yourself the most important factor that you must keep in mind is to take adequate safety measures. Your motto should be: Think before you ink!