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Hair Coloring Tips

Taking good care of your hair isn't rocket science! It is a simple phenomenon that involves patience and faith. The same goes with choosing the right hair color. The fundamentals of hair coloring requires you to stick to shades that compliment your skin tone, figure out if your tresses look better with highlights and then decide if you can do it all by yourself. The trick is to select colors that you are naturally drawn to. Remember that hair colors enhance your look, boost your self confidence and allow you to carry yourself gracefully. Eye color plays a big role in determining what hair tone you should get. Several precautionary measures need to be taken before going in for a coloring session such as wearing hand gloves for protection. If you think that your scalp is damaged or sensitive, wait for a day or two before coloring your hair. Continue reading below to learn more about some hair coloring tips, how to color your hair and what to do before and after.

How To Color Hair
  • For example, if you wish to be blonde, consult your hairstylist before doing it. This should be a relatively painless procedure if you have virgin dark brown hair. Choose a good quality hair color product. Choices are available in permanent, semi-permanent and temporary varieties.
  • Pay attention to the instructions that come along with the product as all brands are not same and they require different amounts processing time. Be sure to perform the suggested 'strand test' to determine the exact requirements for your hair to get colored.
  • Put on the protective gloves and mix the hair color solution. Most of the dyes need you to add the color formula to a developer and shake.
  • Apply this mixture on dry hair starting from the roots. Work your way down to the ends of your hair. Make sure that you part your hair into sections so every strand is covered with dye.
  • Tie your hair on the top of your head with a clip and use a plastic cover to secure it. Begin the timer by referring the results of the strand test you conducted earlier.
  • After the indicated time has passed, rinse your hair until the coloring product is completely removed. The water must run clear at the end.
What To Do Before And After Coloring Hair
  • Before you begin the coloring, make it a point to wash your hair. Use a shampoo that removes the pollutants lodged in your hair.
  • Do not condition your hair as this could interfere with the dye bonding on to your hair.
  • Wait for atleast a day before you bleach or use permanent dye on your scalp. This because the head may sometimes be soft and sensitive and application of these chemical may cause hair damage or dry hair.
  • Follow the mixing instructions exactly as given. If you are a beginner, use protective gloves and an old towel.
  • To keep the dye off your skin you could rub a creamy gel like, petroleum jelly, around the hairline. It is advisable not to get it on the hair unnecessarily as this bothers the coloring process.
  • To make the colors last longer, rinse your hair in a lemon-based solution immediately after the dyeing process as this helps the color to last longer and also raises the strength of your locks.
  • Another tip is to add two spoons of your hair color to a regular conditioner after each dose of shampooing. Leave it on three to five minutes and rinse it with warm water. This replenishes the color that was washed out. Remember to bleach your hair roots.
Coloring your hair is one of the easiest ways to change and update your style. It also makes your hair look healthy and shiny. Unique hair colors give you the freedom of sporting an individualistic style statement!