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Tongue piercing is fashionable but it requires great deal of after care. This article provides you with information on the dangers of tongue piercings.

Tongue Piercing

Who would have ever thought that an ancient custom started by the Aztec tribe would become an international sensation someday? But thanks to the famed British girl band "Spice Girls" that tongue piercing was popularized in Europe and America. This bold attempt by a group of women accelerated the idea of the tongue-piercing craze in the West. It wasn't long before even the male music artists followed and in time, the younger generations were found impersonating this 'punk culture'. The trend of tongue piercing is believed to be cool and funky, according to most societies. But, what people fail to understand is the importance of basic safety standards. It must be remembered that any type of oral piercing has serious consequences which require attention. Medical advisers suggest that educating yourself on the aspects of body piercing is as important as being stylish and fitting in the crowd. Here are some of the relevant after care tips, information about tongue piercings and the dangers involved in the same.

Tongue Piercing Care
  • You probably watched a number of videos on easy tongue piercings methods that have been posted on popular websites. Rule number one: never try to imitate these procedures as some of them may be illegal in your country and they are also very unsafe and unhygienic. Always visit a professional. This might not be a money-saving venture, but it is definitely worth the expertise and cleanliness.
  • The tongue is made up of skin with very soft tissues as compared to any other part of the body. So make sure that you use a gentle tongue cleaner as harsh ones can rupture the areas surrounding the tongue too.
  • After a tongue piercing, you need to be certain of keeping bacteria and microbes far away from the insides of your mouth! A regular cleanup after every meal is essential, whether you have a piercing or not. For this, use a mouth wash atleast twice a day. But, before you buy a certain product, make sure that it does not have alcohol amongst its ingredients.
  • Chewing on gum and nicotine products can be a perfect breeding ground for infection and the growth of microorganisms too. Avoid crushing tobacco with your teeth as this can have severe consequences on a tongue piercing.
  • Eating soft substances is unadvisable as they might get entangled with the stud/ring. Consuming solid food products may not only cause pain, but also lead to bleeding.
  • Tongue piercing is as painful as it is eventful. Maintain the piercing for sometime before changing the piece of jewellery as the opening can be closed easily. You probably never want to experience the pain of a second piercing!
  • After a tongue piercing, the area around the pierced region will most likely be swollen. The best way to reduce this enlargement is to put ice cubes on the injected part.
Dangers of Tongue Piercing
  • A tongue piercing can severely damage the gum and teeth area with the incidence of infection.
  • Not many of us are aware of the fact that a tongue piercing infection could spread up to the brain. Brain abscesses can be caused as a result of the tongue piercing and this might be fatal. Bacteria in the mouth travel through the blood to the tissues in the brain leading to inflammation.
  • There have been numerous cases wherein the jewelry piece has been dislodged and accidently swallowed. If the metal piece gets stuck in your wind pipe or lung, the only way to get it out is through a bronchoscope or a chest surgery. The longer the metal piece stays in your body, the more prone you are to the ripping of internal tissues. Internal bleeding may result from the above.
  • Nerve damage is yet again another serious problem that needs to be considered before getting a piercing. If the body piercer comes upon a nerve ending, it could lead to a loss of sensation and thus improper functioning of the tongue.
Sometimes fashion comes with a price tag! We suggest that you weigh out the pros and cons before you make a decision regarding a tongue piercing.