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There are distinctive methods available for body piercing. Read to know about the body piercing technique that can suit you the most.

Body Piercing Methods

Just like tattooing, body piercing has also earned an elevated fashion status amongst the younger generation. Also referred to as body modification, body piercing is an ancient form of adorning one's body. In ancient Europe and America, this form of body art was more popular among women. But, now the times have changed and even men are resorting to piercings as a form of body embellishment. The reasons for body piercings range from religious to spiritual to their fashion appeal in general. In the same way, the methods of body piercing have also evolved from the ancient unhygienic and conventional ones to the modern and much safer options. If you plan on getting your body pierced, make sure that you're aware of the different techniques. This will keep you well informed about the pros and cons of each method. The following section cites some of the most commonly used means of body piercing that are being followed around the globe.

Body Piercing Technique

Standard Needle Method
The customary method of body piercing includes the use of a needle. It is one of the oldest and easiest techniques and is practiced due to its simplicity and effectiveness. These needles come in different sizes, lengths, thickness and shapes to suit individual requirements. Needle piercing is done by hand or with the help of a needle holder with which it is pierced into the body and left there. Then it is gently removed and the jewelry is forcefully pushed into the incision made. In most cases, the thickness of the needle is more than the ornament's for which the piercing is done. This is because it gives sufficient space for the ornament to move in and out of the hole and a lot of room for the piercing to heal and also prevents the formation of a fistula.

Piercing Guns
A piercing gun is also very commonly used worldwide. It is similar to the working of a stapler. This might be a popular and easy method but it is not recommended by many professionals because the needles used in this type of instrument are usually blunt and hence, painful and the punctures done can severely damage the nearby tissues. Another reason why it is not advised is because many parts of the piercing gun are made up of plastic components that cannot be sterilized fully and thus harbour microbes.

Cannula Method
It is very similar to the standard needle technique. In the cannula method, a piece of jewelry is inserted into a long and narrow plastic tube called the cannula. Here, the jewelry is located towards the end of the tube and is pushed through the opening made. It can be quite painful and may sometimes result in excessive bleeding too. Several parts of Europe follow this practice as the standard needle method is considered unhygienic and unsafe.

Scalpel Method
The scalpel system is usually practiced when you want a larger opening, especially when your ornament is larger than a normal piece of jewelry. This type of practice usually involves a minor surgical procedure that comprises of a large slit being made in the skin to accommodate the gauge. The scalpel method is not only restricted to body piercings but it is also used as corrective measure. For example, supposing one side of the piercing is smaller than the other then this method is employed to enlarge the smaller hole.

Pierce And Taper Method
Otherwise known as the 'tapered method', this technique is not practiced for normal piercings. It can be used on the ears, nose, lip, tongue and cheek etc. but it is also used on those parts of the body which are considered to be elastic. The main purpose behind opting for this technique is to make a large gap to fit the jewelry piece. Once the piercing is done with a thick needle, a tapered steel bar is passed through the hole followed by the piece of ornament - stud or ring.

Dermal Punching
There are certain parts of our body with tough skin such as the top of your ear. The dermal punching method involves removal of a few initial layers of the skin to ease the piercing process. When a few layers of epidermis have been removed, a needle can be easily passed through the skin to make an opening. This technique is said to be very similar to the scalpel method because the hole does not close if left without jewelry. In America, a body piercer has to be authorized to follow this method as it is considered illegal when practiced by unlicensed practitioners.

There are different ways to get a body piercing. Choose wisely depending on the sensitivity of your skin and the degree of expertise of the piercer who is working on you. Good luck!