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You can get all the body designing information here! It includes tips on body tattoos and temporary body painting with henna.

Body Designing Info

Body designing is done by modifying the look of your body either in temporary way such as henna and body painting or by a permanent method like tattooing, piercing or branding. Body designing or body art can be traced back to the ancient times as they were done as a part of rituals to please the Gods. Today, tattoos, piercing and body painting has become popular mainly because of the media hype and celebrity endorsements. Some teenagers opt for piercings or tattoos in order to imitate their favorite film stars. Another thing about body designing, especially tattoos, is that they have become a way to display their undying love for another. As far as Mehendi tattoos are concerned, it has been inculcated into the Indian tradition a long time ago. This herb is considered sacred and said to bring good luck if applied during weddings. Since this is temporary, there is no problem. However, you should be careful about a few things when you decide to select any permanent body designs.

Body Tattoo Tips
  • A permanent tattoo is done by injecting a certain dye into your skin by means of needles so that it penetrates and stays for a long time. All you need to do is be prepared to endure the pain!
  • You should be careful about what the tattoo represents and where you want it done. Examine the design carefully and imagine yourself with it ten years down the line. If you're convinced then there's going to be no stopping you!
  • It is important that you express yourself with a tattoo that denotes a significant characteristic of something closely related to you. Equally imperative is the tattoo artist you choose. Be very careful about the location and hygiene. Clean and sterilized needles are a must. The last thing you want is a HIV infection! The tattoo artist must also be experienced enough to know the areas he should avoid working on.
  • Usually people desire exotic designs such as Chinese and Japanese Kanji symbols. These are patterns with hidden meanings! If things go wrong, getting inked in a foreign language might turn out to be a very embarrassing situation. Usually words or phrases have different social and cultural significance everywhere. It would be extremely irresponsible of you not to research before getting permanently tattooed!
  • Choose a tattoo design that suits your personality. Do not give into peer pressure in these matters. Also, avoid tattooing near eyes as they can be dangerous.
Temporary Body Painting With Henna
  • Henna is used by many women to decorate their hands and feet. During an Indian wedding, applying henna or Mehendi is a must for the bride.
  • Do not drink too much coffee before getting a henna tattoo done as there is a tendency that the hands might shiver.
  • Just after the entire drawing is completed, put a mix sugar and lemon juice on the area every half an hour. This keeps the henna moist and enhances its color too.
  • Try not to cover your hands or feet with plastics as this might spoil the design by letting moisture (sweat) accumulate on the area. This results in a paler color.
  • Once the henna is applied, you can keep it for 4-6 hours or can let it stay overnight for a deeper color. Once this has dried, you can scrape it off with the help of a butter knife.
  • To make your tattoo last longer, apply a coat of petroleum jelly on it, before showering or swimming.
  • There are special Mehendi oils available in market to deepen the color of your henna. Nowadays, henna artists combine these tattoos with sparkles and crystals to attract more attention. You can opt for this but it stays for a lesser duration than a normal henna tattoo.
When you opt for a particular body design, it is useful to keep these tips in mind so that you can look gorgeous and trendy at the same time!