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Read about seasonal makeup tips, ideas for monsoon makeup and how to do makeup in winter.

Seasonal Makeup Tips

Makeup is not only about smothering bucket loads of cosmetics on your skin! But it is also is about dressing in relation to the occasion. Now, we have a problem! Makeup demands to be changed according to the prevalent season which includes being harmonious with the climatic conditions. Every year a different set of colors and products are designed so that all women can solve their problems! If you are dressing up for the summer, stick to bright colors such as yellow, peach, light blue and turquoise. Similarly, there are numerous fashion houses that come up with spring collections for their fashionable customers. Use various shades of green for the perfect spring look. Keeping yourself updated on what is 'in' is quite a task! Monsoon means dampness and humidity and hence, here enters the nude look. Opt for as little makeup as possible during this time. Coming to the winters, regular skin care and lots of moisturizers are essential. Winter brings in colours such as smoky shades like chocolate, coffee and berry which highlight the sensual and glamour woman. Read below to get some tips on how to use makeup for each season.

Ideas For Monsoon Makeup
  • It is important for you to keep your skin fresh and clean during the monsoons. Wash it face with a neem face wash or use essential oils with antibacterial properties.
  • Using makeup during the rainy season is slightly tricky as moisture levels are high causing a chance to ruin your heavy makeup. Therefore, when you use any products, make sure that it is waterproof.
  • Check out the options available for long lasting lipsticks that are marketed as non-transferable or color-stay varieties. Use powders or matte cosmetics rather than creamy or glossy ones.
  • Thread your brows regularly to keep them in shape and avoid using eyebrow pencils for this season. Sheer or pastel eye shadows in brown, pink and light brown shades are just what you need for rain parties!
How To Do Makeup In Winter
  • Velvet shades are ideal shades for winter makeup. But at the same time, nude hues and tones give you that natural look. With a touch of a little sheen your eyes, you're ready for a perfect night out. This should make all the men fall head-over-heels with your winter getup!
  • People usually assume that sun protection is needed only in summer. The truth lies in the fact that it is very important that you apply sunscreen lotion and moisturizer even during the cold season. This prevents your skin from the harsh rays of the sun and also from drying up quickly.
  • Winters are best time to use aromatic and essential oils. A lovely woody, spicy perfume is sure to give you more attention that you can handle!
  • Try a dramatic look for winter parties. Edgy eyelashes, metallic colours, shimmery eyeshadow and bright red lips are sure to be a perfect combination. You could also experiment with colors such as coffee, charcoal grey, dark blue and cinnamon which renders you with a sultry look.
  • Use mascara that gives volume to your lashes. Waterproof transparent mascara is a safe choice. Other alternatives are brown mascaras with a black liner pencil.
  • In winters, using a lip balm is like a lifeline to your lips. They not only protect your delicate 'kissables' from getting chapped but also give it a softer and suppler appearance. At best, you may also use a tint of colour to enhance its beauty. Flavoured gloss like coco or coffee is custom-made for the winters.
  • Apart from the high-fashion, you need to remember that keeping your skin cleansed and moisturized is of importance. Pick a good product that is suitable for your skin type. A night cream for your body before going to bed will leave you with glowing and well-maintained skin for the next morning!
These are few seasonal makeup tips that will help you look perfect for each season. Use them and don't be surprised at the long line of eligible bachelors waiting outside for you!