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Read about eye makeup tips, choosing eyeliner to match your eye color and how to apply mascara.

Eye Makeup Tips

It is not necessary for you to have exquisite eyes to look like your favorite celebrity! Knowing how to make an ordinary set of eyes look gorgeous requires a few simple tricks. For this purpose, learning the art of eye makeup is necessary. But, maintaining a dull face and tired eyes is a sure way to make even the cosmetics look bad on you! The eyes are considered a window to the soul. This is probably why it forms the most attractive feature on your face. Wearing loud shades of eyeshadow or putting too much of an effort into dolling yourself up says a lot about your personality. Hints of color and nude shades are more capable of bringing about a change. There are innumerable products available in market which can help you enhance and customize your eyes but what's more important to check its quality before purchase. Apart from all this, the eyes are the most delicate and sensitive parts of your body. Treat it well! Read this article for tips on how to choose eyeliners and apply mascara.

Choosing An Eyeliner To Match Eye Color
  • Prior to the session, it is important that your eyes look. To achieve this, dip teabags in warm water and place them on your eyelids for about 5 minutes. This reduces all signs of puffiness. Cucumber slices could help. If your eyes are red and swollen from tiredness, then opt for herbal eye drops. This has the ability to calm the nerves and stress prevalent in the eye.
  • To start with use an eye concealer to cover up any dark circles or blemishes on the skin. Get the right eye color which complements the eyes. If you have blue eyes then opt for shades of bronze, brown and golden. The same way, brown eyes can be accentuated with greens and metallic colors. For dark brown and almost black eyes, every shade is a perfect shade! With purple for parties and metallics for the day, blend the eye color correctly for a beautiful appearance. The right method of doing this is to start from the corner of your eyes and move the applicator forward and backward until the color is evenly spread across the eyelid.
  • An easy way to revamp your face is to define the eyebrows with the help of the eyeliners. They are available in form of a pencil or a liquid. Eyeliners are meant to add depth to your eyes and make the lash line prominent. To do this, hold the eyelid skin taut with your fingertips and draw a fine line very close to that of the lash line. You need both your hands for this purpose. Make sure that you have steady hands or else you might draw squiggly lines above your eyes! 
  • For a soft and smoky look, smudge the edge of the line with the smear end of the eyeliner pencil. Remember to do this slowly and carefully, else it will look like your liner has eroded away. This calls for a very sloppy attempt. To a natural impression, extend a fine line to the innermost part of the upper lid. This can make you look less gothic!
How To Apply Mascara
  • Lining the lower lashes adds a dramatic effect to your eyes. Place tiny dots on the lash roots and make a fine line on the outer half of the lower lash line.
  • Curling the eyelashes opens up your eyes. Do this by squeezing them with a lash curler from lash line to three fourth the way towards tips.
  • Stick to dark colored mascaras such as navy blue or plum as they look more natural.
  • Apply two coats of mascara, sweeping the wand from roots to ends. Wiggle the wand a little as you move upwards to detach the lashes and make them stand out.
These are the few eye makeup tips which can use to highlight your eyes. The real tip here is to wash your eye makeup before going to bed every night so that you're ready for the next dose of it. There's no beauty like natural beauty!