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Pool Spa

If you think shopping and sundry trips are the only means to enjoy vacations, or even spend a holiday at home, then you are definitely wrong in this matter. For instance, if you want a soothing and welcoming experience, to give a treat to your body and to move away from the stress and hustle and bustle of life, then you must try pool spa. Pool spas are the best way to pamper yourself and spend a relaxing afternoon. It is only in spas that complete body and soul fitness is guaranteed. Rejuvenating your body once in a while with such treatments is very essential to maintain the beautiful and healthy look. You can go to a pool spa, either alone or with your family. You can swim, exercise, get soothing massage and can even play, so it serves as a complete recreational and relaxation centre. The writing below gives you a closer look on swimming pool spa, so, to know more read on.
  • Pool spa benefits your health in various ways and, adding to this, the relaxed and calm feeling that you get can never be recreated by any other treatments. The key component in this type of spa is current and all of them use one of the three techniques, namely, jet propulsion, paddlewheel and propeller. In jet propulsion technique, a current is generated by forcing the water through jets. The speed of the water currents can be adjusted by changing the power of the motor. In paddlewheel system, a current is produced by a paddle wheel at one end of the pool as it crosses the entire spa. Here, the paddle wheel makes the water to move forcefully in the form of waves, all over your body, providing you relief from stress and body pain. Whereas, in the propeller system spa, deep, wide and forceful water currents are produced by the propeller. It is the water currents generated by these techniques that provide the welcoming and soothing effect.
  • The cost of a pool spa treatment varies widely and it completely depends on different factors such as size, type of current, number of jets and a set of other added features like massages, exercises etc. So, you must choose the one that suites your pocket and your demand. You can also go for a package consisting of a session in a pool spa, which is followed by a sauna session that is sure to guarantee your body and mind complete peace and rejuvenation by reviving your energy. You can also insist on including manicure and pedicure in the pool spa package. As more and more people are becoming increasingly aware of the benefits of spa massages, there has been a tremendous growth in the demand for swimming pool spas.
  • Aquatic exercises, which are a part of pool spa regime, add extra health benefits and  are suitable for any age group. Exercises in water are more powerful than the normal ones as the buoyancy of water supports the body weight, while at the same time the body has to work against the water. Since, the body weight will be very less doing exercises in the pool, will force you to put extra pressure on your workouts. In fact, because of the high water resistance, more calories will be burned.  The chances of getting hurt are also very less as the water carries most of the weight. Thus, pool spa exercises are the best way to not only reduce health risks but also to help keep you in shape.
  • Both pool spa and sauna bath can be used for cardio workout. The heat generated in these has therapeutic properties and thus, helps a great deal in curing various kinds of ailments. The heat also increases the heart beat, thereby, providing similar benefits as those rendered by a brisk walk. Exercises, massages and water currents in pool spas will surely make you feel fresh and fit, but for more soothing and positive effect on the mind and soul it is better to add something extra. Added amenities like soothing music, beautiful and soft lighting and scented candles can always make the experience far more fulfilling.