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Feet Care Tips For Life

Have you ever noticed that you spend an immense amount of time taking care of your face and skin but you hardly pay any attention to your feet? This is natural since the feet are located far away from where the eye can see! But remember that it is these feet which form an essential part of everyday living whether you are walking, running, jogging or simply standing. Knowing how to maintain your feet is a basic necessity. Prolonged problems develop when your feet don't get the required attention that they deserve. This is a precursor to several troubles that you will face in the years to come. There are some simple stretches and exercises which are capable of keeping your feet in top form. When a serious injury or an emergency arises, you should visit a podiatrist. They are doctors who treat and diagnose ailments of the foot, ankle and lower leg. Victims of diabetes and circulatory disorders, with foot diseases should consult a medical expert. Continue reading this article to know more about feet care tips for life!

Foot Health Secrets
  • Inspect your feet daily. Look carefully for blisters, calluses, sores and cuts, especially between toes. Consult a dermatologist if you notice something wrong with your skin.
  • Get the right shoes. Make sure that your shoes fit well. Stay away from pointy toed heels because they crowd the toes and reduce their breathing space. It might also lead to irritations. Try not to wear the same shoes every day. If you are wearing heels, experiment with different lengths.
  • Wash and moisten your feet with warm water. After this; dry them well, use a small amount of moisturizer and powder them to keep them soft. Treat those delicate appendages to a pedicure or massage atleast once a month.
  • Avoid stinky feet. Wear clean dry socks everyday and change them as often as possible. With sweaty and uncomfortable footwear comes the bad odor.
  • Walk around your home with bare feet. This exercises all your foot muscles, prevents foot strains and also helps in keeping the feet strong and flexible.
Daily Care And Precautions For Healthy Feet
  • Take care of your feet on a regular basis. For this, use a rough foot scrub or a pumice stone to erode the dead cells on the surface of skin, which cracks once it hardens.
  • Opt for footbaths weekly. All you need is to fill a tub with water and a cup full of marbles. Move your feet gently over them to encourage circulation of the blood. Also, try lifting the marbles with the help of your toes. Contract and flex your feet and let go of the marbles. This enables the muscles and arches of the feet to extend.
  • A very relaxing massage consists of combining a few drops of peppermint oil and a muscle relieving ointment. Rub this in a circular motion and repeat anti-clockwise too.
  • You must apply a moisturizer daily as the soles of the foot do not contain any oil glands to soften them. Spread a sufficient quantity of cream on your feet before going to bed at night. Follow it up by wearing cotton socks.
  • Buy footwear that guarantees the correct measurement of your feet. The foot has the ability to change shape as a result of increasing weight and thus, ageing.
  • Change your footwear after every six months because shoes tend to contort out of form with usage. Surprisingly, this may also provide relief to a sense of tiredness in the leg and back.
Do not give your feet a backseat in this journey called life! Always remember that you can be comfortable and active only if your feet are in a good working condition.