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In this generation filled with artificial cosmetics, an article on natural foot care ideas are hard to come by. Read about the massaging tips for feet and natural and Ayurvedic treatments for feet.

Natural Foot Care Ideas

Have you ever noticed how amongst the various beauty treatments, foot care is generally given the backseat? If you take a look at the human anatomy, the feet are the most strained and worked out parts of the body. Lack of good care leaves the soles hard and cracked which further result in bunions, infections and ingrown nails. So, stop neglecting your body and start focusing on the beauty and comfort of your feet. Make sure you pamper them silly! Some cultures, such as the Indian, take great pride in the adorning their feet. Foot care is so easy and simple that you can do it straight from home. It is said that you can get an idea about the hygiene of a person by simply looking at their shoes or feet. Thus feet can tell stories about your personal cleanliness! If you wish to know more about how to care for your feet naturally then continue reading this article.

Massaging Tips For Feet
  • Lift your feet with one hand and use the palm of the other hand to gently stroke from the heel to the toes. Massage the sole of your feet by using circulatory motions with your thumb.
  • Always begin the day with clean feet! You might love foot massages at the end of a day but make sure that you give your feet a little bath before setting out.
  • Wrap a warm and damp towel around the feet and keep it there for atleast 2 minutes. It would be helpful in hydrating the feet and keeping them soft and supple.
  • Do not apply too much lotion or cream, especially between the feet as this might lead to bacterial or fungal infections. But a night cream would be of great help.
  • Hold one foot between the palms of your hands and rub it firmly with your thumbs alongside the bones, across the top of the foot. Then massage the bottom of the foot. Switch your hands with the other foot and repeat the same.
  • Stretch your toes by slowly slipping your fingers between the toes and pull them towards you. This is a light exercise but is definitely helpful in relieving the pressure.
  • Wear socks preferably made of cotton. They give certain warmth and play a role in sealing the moisture of the lotion within the boundaries of the footwear. It also promotes a sense of relaxation.
Natural And Ayurvedic Treatments For Feet
  • Herbal Foot Bath. For tired feet and tough skin, a foot soak can do wonders. Warm water stimulates the feet and softens the skin. The aromas of herbs and baths salts provide a sense of calmness when taken in.
  • Treatment for Corns. A corn, like calluses, develops from an accumulation of dead skin cells. They form thick and hard areas on the top, side and tip of your toes. Constant pressure and friction from footwear can lay stress on these areas and cause pain. To alleviate this condition, roast one garlic clove (dry or in a little ghee) until golden and apply this on the corn. Place a band-aid over it to avoid exposure. Do this daily until the corn falls off.
  • Preventing Foot Odour. Smelly feet can result from perspiration, senescent epidermal cells and bacteria. To avoid this, mix 1 part corn starch, 3 parts clay, and 3-4 drops of peppermint essential oil in a bucket. Make it into a paste by adding cold water. Apply this mixture on your feet and leave it for 20-30 minutes. Wash the paste off with lukewarm water and dry thoroughly.
  • Ayurvedic Treatment for Athlete's Foot. The affected areas should be washed with neem soap followed by the application of neem oil over the skin. Remember that your feet must be completely dry before performing this. Ayurvedic doctors also recommend the daily use of a mixture of aloe vera gel and turmeric on the affected areas for 2-3weeks.
Take care of your feet as much as you use them! Pay attention to the fact that if you want to run a marathon at the age of 70, you need your feet to be in perfectly working condition.