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Read about the foot care tips, remedies for aching feet and foot pain, general foot care ideas and roaming barefoot for an idea about how you should maintain your feet well.

Foot Care Tips

You always worry that your hands are not soft enough, your clothes are not smart enough or your hairstyle is not trendy enough. To make it better, you visit the parlour and opt for several procedures that can make it better. But when it comes to your feet, why do you ignore it? Be kind to your feet as it has survived many years of wear and tear. If you abuse it at an early age then at a ripe old age of 70, it might just give up on you! Disease, bad circulation, poorly trimmed toenails and ill-fitting are some of the possible reasons for its downfall. Foot problems are sometimes the first symptom of a more serious medical condition such as arthritis, diabetes or circulatory disorders. One very interesting tip is to put your feet up while sitting down. This method promotes circulation of blood in your feet. Stretching, walking and getting gentle foot massages are godsend after a long day's work. A few other tips include making sure that your feet are dry, moving around every once in a while and sitting with uncrossed legs. If you wish to know more about foot care tips, then continue reading below.

Remedies For Aching Feet And Foot Pain
  • Hot water massages are ideal for any type of heel or foot pain. It requires a container of cold and hot water, in which the lower legs are soaked.
  • Using ointments with capsaicin, a natural ingredient in hot peppers, helps in relieving foot pain. This is excellent treatment for 'Runner's Foot'. This medicine can be applied topically after rigourous regimen of running, walking or jogging.
  • It is recommended that mustard seeds can improve blood circulation and breakdown toxins produced in the muscles and joints, thereby treating foot pain. For this, add some of these seeds into foot tub and soak your feet in it for 15 minutes. Pat dry afterwards.
  • Epsom salts can help soothe your feet and thus relieve foot pain. To make a proper solution, you must add about 2tbsp of Epsom salts in a warm water tub and dip your feet in them for about 10 minutes. Dry your feet and apply powder.
General Foot Care Ideas And Roaming Barefoot
  • Take 3 tea bags and boil it in water. Mix this with half a bucket of cool water and soak your feet in it to get rid of smelly feet. A few minutes of massaging your feet with coconut oil or olive oil can also work wonders. Do this before a shower.
  • Pick a soft patch of ground, lie back, and prop your feet onto chair. Hold this position for 10 minutes so that the blood can flow away from your feet. This is usually done to reduce swellings and tiredness from the lower half of your body.
  • Don't let your feet dehydrate because dry skin can lead to callus formation and heel cracks. Feed it with moisturizer during the day and with foot cream before sleeping. Try not to leave moisture between the toes.
  • Examine your feet on a daily basis. Any signs of redness or blisters, cuts, cracks, swelling or color changes should be testified by your healthcare provider immediately. To view the bottom of your feet, use a mirror! See a podiatrist in case of corns, calluses or ingrown toenails. Do not attempt to self-treat these conditions.
  • Before putting on shoes, make it a point to check that it fits comfortably with plenty of room to wiggle your toes. Turn them upside down to remove any foreign objects lodged in there such as gravel or sand as these could be the cause of sores and irritation. Avoid wearing boots too often as they retain water for a longer duration. The same applies to socks.
  • Effective cleansing of the insides of your nails is essential. We are exposed to in hydrogen-peroxide and rub them against the surface of your nails. This helps in preventing nail infections.
There are numerous reasons why we should take care of our feet. Some of them are as listed above. Hope you've taken good care of your feet with these foot care tips.