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Foot troubles are imminent! Know about the tips to prevent foot troubles, how to avoid foot problems and how to choose comfortable shoes in the following article.

Foot Trouble Prevention Tips

Your feet are easy to ignore, especially in the cooler months, when you're wearing closed toed shoes or boots. But, a little attention towards your locomotors can help you go a long way in life! The key is to be aware of foot issues. For example, hammertoes are a condition where the middle joint bends downwards and the toes appear deformed. Another problematic area is bunions wherein bony bumps are developed at the base of the big toe. All these conditions usually worsen with age. Pain or discomfort can be felt on any part of the foot such as the heel, toes, arch, instep, sole or ankles. If you want to take care of your feet then make sure that you moisturize the dry skin and ward off infections. Our feet bear a cumulative weight total of 1,000 tons a day and carry us for about 140,000 miles in a lifetime. This is precisely why your feet deserve the attention! Read the article below to know more about foot trouble prevention tips and how to choose comfortable shoes.

How to Avoid Foot Problems
  • The first and foremost point to remember is hygiene. No matter how clean your feet appear, make it a routine to wash them daily. The skin on your feet is prone to dryness and dehydration. Keep them well-moisturized with special foot creams.
  • Do not let dead cells stay put on the skin. Remove it as soon as you spot it. But the point is you will never really find it! Hence, atleast once a week, soak your feet in lukewarm water and gently scrub it with a pumice stone or foot file to get rid of the calluses too.
  • Cutting toenails in fancy shapes and at an angle is always risky. If you are working person, cut them straight across so as to avoid any injury. Use a nail file to contour the corners as this reduces the risk of ingrown toenails. Making them too short will also be problematic in the long run.
  • Avoid footwear that is too tight, stiff or possess high heels as they can create disturbances in your overall posture. You will also be prone to foot diseases due to suffocation of your feet!
  • Your weight and feet are interrelated. How? Maintaining a healthy weight reduces the load on your feet and therefore minimizes any chances of potential foot ailments.
  • If you spot any color changes and transformations or have aching feet, do not hesitate to consult a physician and eliminate the risks of other foot disorders.
How To Choose Comfortable Shoes
  • The best way to choose comfortable walking shoes is to try on several pairs before actually buying it. You will need to pick boots that do not cause sores/bites on your feet. Find one that has a proper arch support as this is a critical issue for several people.
  • If you prefer shopping online, look for retailers with good return policies and postage-paid return shipping. In this manner, you will be able to try on shoes and return the pairs that don't fit.
  • When you are going on a vacation involving hikes and plenty of walking, buy well-fitted socks and try them on before the journey. Make sure that the pair of socks is made of cotton and do not cause friction with your ankles.
  • Nobody is born with pointed toes! Look for shoes with rounded toes for a good level of comfort. Sometimes, Oval or square might also work.
  • Refrain from buying footwear that is made of heavy materials. This is important as it allows your foot to breathe. Footwear made of lightweight material is not only more comfortable but it is also good for the general well-being.
Choosing a good pair of shoes need not be a complex affair. All you need to remember is to choose shoes that fit your feet rather than making your feet fit the shoes!