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General foot conditions and treatment are something that needs to be known by all. Learn about tips to cure common foot problems, burning feet cures and foot care for diabetes.

General Foot Conditions And Treatment

As our feet are spent in closed footwear all day long, bacteria and fungi tend to thrive and survive. Occurrence of any microbial infection causes dehydration, redness, blisters, itching and peeling of the skin. If these are not treated properly then there is a chance of a relapsed infectivity. Some of the tips that you could follow are to maintain your feet, especially the area between your toes, dirt free and to keep them dry so as to avoid any sort of contamination. There are 26 bones, 33 joints and more than 100 muscles in the foot that require attending to! These are responsible for keeping you mobile and active throughout the day. Read the following article for an insight on tips to cure foot diseases, burning foot cures and foot care for diabetics.

Tips To Cure Foot Problems
  • Avoid residing in footwear such as boots, high heels and cleats. Wear shoes that make room for movement around the toe area. Shoes that confine your feet prevent proper blood flow properly and can lead to foot problems such as calluses and improper balance.
  • Give your feet a daily massage and watch how they serve you after that! Excessive walking can cause knots or can even strained tendons on the feet. For this reason, massaging the soles of your feet will help in increasing circulation.
  • Place your feet in warm water to help alleviate any pain or swellings that can be caused by bunions. Wear a protective covering, which can be purchased at a drug store, to pad the area and reduce inflammation.
  • Keep your feet hydrated (with cream/oil and not water) and skin moist to cure any sort of cracks. Massage foot oil onto the soles and heels of your feet every day.
  • Remember to wash your feet daily and scrub between the toes to cure any itching and fungal infection to prevent athlete's foot. If the infection is chronic, visit a doctor and get a prescribed topical antifungal medication.
Burning Feet Cures
  • Burning feet are a sign of a serious health condition such as peripheral neuropathy. Peripheral neuropathy is the damage to nerves on your feet. If you suspect this condition, a health-care provider will screen you for diseases like diabetes and nerve damages. Closely follow your doctor's advice.
  • Another way to cure burning feet is to use shoes and socks that are adequately ventilated. Synthetic shoes are not as well aired as the ones made from genuine leather. Socks that are made from nylon do not allow the skin to breathe; shift to materials such as cotton or linen.
Foot Care For Diabetes
  • Check your feet and toes every day by carefully looking at the top, sides, soles, heels and toes. Wash them in lukewarm water with mild soap as use of strong detergents may damage your skin.
  • Test the temperature of the water with your fingers or elbows before putting your feet in warm or hot water. This is because as a diabetic, you may not be able to sense if the water is too hot and burns can easily occur
  • Make sure that you gently and thoroughly dry your feet, particularly areas between your toes as infections are prone to develop in moist areas.
  • Your feet may also crack causing rough heels and possibly even sores. After bathing your feet, soften the dry skin with lotion, petroleum jelly, lanolin or oil.
  • Wear comfortable, well-fitting shoes that have plenty of room. Never buy shoes with the notion that it will stretch over time. Nerve damage is sure to kill the sensation on your feet! If you are diabetic, you may need special shoes that are custom-made for you. At this point, do not opt for footwear with pointed or open toes, high heels, flip-flops or sandals.
Make it a point to take medication for your feet whenever required. Pamper them as you might be extremely dependent on them in the years to come!