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Read all about abdominoplasty, tips on tummy tuck and its eligibility, care and results.

All About Tummy Tuck

You might be wandering how actresses are blessed with flat and perfect tummy? For some, this might be a gift of nature, while in most cases it is the result of tummy tuck or abdominoplasty. Well, if you are wondering what this tummy tuck is all about, the following article will help you to find more information on this surgical procedure. Abdominoplasty, or tummy tuck, as it is popularly known, is a surgery performed on the abdomen to remove fat deposition and to tighten the loose skin. So, now you know the secret behind flat tummy of models and actors. With all the best features, slim look and pretty face, if you lack the prefect tummy, then all your glamorous endeavors will go in vain. Before directly jumping into the surgery, it is always good to have a thorough knowledge about its pros and cons and the way it is done, the results, effects and side effects. So, to known more on this surgery follow continue reading the article.
  • A person who wants to undergo abdominoplasty should be healthy and his/her overall weight should, more or less, be normal. The person should have extra skin and weak muscles in the stomach region. An overweight person will be asked to shed some weight before the surgery. The result of the surgery also depends on the individual's age and skin tone. The plastic surgeon will take all these factors into consideration while deciding whether the individual is fit to undergo abdominoplasty.
  • Tummy tuck is best suited for women who have loose skin and stretch marks due to pregnancy. Earlier, motherhood was considered to be the end of glamorous carrier but today, with this surgery, one can regain the perfect figure. In this surgery, the muscles and extra skin is tightened to give a flat tummy. This surgery is also suitable for men and women who were obese at some point of their life and still suffer because of fat deposition or lose skin in the abdominal region.
  • Before undergoing the surgery, certain instructions suggested by the doctor has to be strictly followed. The guidelines can stress on your eating habits, drinking, medications, smoking and avoiding some vitamins. If you smoke, then you will be asked to leave it two to three weeks before the surgery and after it, for another two weeks. The surgery will also be postponed in case you develop cold or fever.
  • Pain and discomfort are the most common after effects of abdominoplasty. Although the after effects vary from person to person, most of them experience problems such as tiredness and numbness. However, all these last only for a few days. During first two days of the surgery, your doctor may advise you to bend your legs at the hip, so that there is no pressure on the abdominal walls. After a week, the drainage tube, added during the surgery, to collect fluids is removed.
  • You can go back to work within two to three weeks. However, you have to wait for at least six to eight weeks after the surgery, if you want to hit the gym. For any other problems, the surgeon will brief you about the risks involved and the kind of postoperative care that is required. The information given by the doctor should be clearly understood and instruction accurately followed. This will ensure the best results and a speedy recovery.
  • After a tummy tuck, the patient's abdomen will remain firm and flat for a number of years. But, if there is any significant weight gain or weight loss or if the patient becomes pregnant, then the tummy won't remain flat anymore. So, people who are planning for substantial weight loss or weight gain and women who plan to have kids are advised to postpone this surgery.