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Sweet Almond oil is known to improve complexion and soften the skin. Read about its uses, health benefits and properties.

Almond Oil

Botanical Name: Prunus amygdalus var. dulcus
Aroma: Sweet and nutty
Properties: Colorless, odorless, lubricating
Health Benefits: Dull complexion, itching, inflammation, muscle pain

A statement of your lifestyle depends a lot, not only on your fashion sense and manners, but also on your healthy and glamorous look. Needless to say, for maintaining the charming and attractive looks it is very essential to take care of yourself. Be it your skin, hair or foot, a little care and pampering is all that they need. One of the best ways to enhance the health of your body and mind is through aromatherapy or oil massage. The importance of aromatherapy, in the quest for good health, should never be underestimated. Using different types of oils for glowing beauty is an age old technique that was patronized by many. Among the bunch of oils, sweet almond oil is one of the most preferred. So, to rejuvenate and nourish your skin and hair don't forget to try this oil. An almond oil massage will not only give you beautiful skin and hair but also will be the best for maintaining a healthy body and mind. From boosting the memory power to keeping up a healthy nervous system, almond oil serves all your health and beauty needs. Keep reading the writing below to know more on the uses, health benefits and properties of almond oil.

Almond Oil Benefits, Uses And Properties
  • If your skin is dry, and gets even drier in winter, a massage with almond oil is all that you need. Almond oil is an excellent moisturizer and lubricant, which prevents the skin from drying and keeps you free from chapped and peeling skin. For centuries, almond oil had been used, as a soothing remedy for skin allergies, and to treat minor cuts and wounds. So, if you face any kind of injuries and skin ailments, remember that almond oil is always there for you.
  • Dark circles and under-eye bags are the most visible signs of a hectic lifestyle.  Lack of sleep, ill health, lack of any strenuous physical activity and overindulgence in junk food can make you look older than what you are.  There can be numerous reasons for dark circles and under-eye bags, but the fact remains that they will surely play spoil sport to your looks, unless you get rid of them. The solution to this problem is almond oil. Every day, before going to bed, soak a cotton ball in almond oil and dab it under the eyes. Then gently massage the area and this will improve the blood circulation. You can also mix the oil with a little bit of honey to give the skin a lighter and brighter shine.
  • Almond oil being a rich source of vitamin E, its regular use will reduce wrinkles and make you look younger and beautiful. Almond oil is perhaps the best ingredient to reverse the signs of ageing. You should gently rub your face and neck with almond oil or you can, twice a week, go for a mild and soothing almond oil massage. Other common signs of ageing are scars, age spots and loose skin, which can all be eliminated with regular almond oil massage.
  • The quality of your hair depends as much on your genes as the care that you take of them. For luxurious growth, hair requires nutrients and protection from harsh elements. The best way that one can revive dull and unhealthy hair is by applying almond oil. Using the tip of your fingers gently massage the hair and scalp with almond oil. The oil will nourish the hair and increase the blood circulation in the scalp leading to luxurious, shiny and beautiful hair.
  • Hair loss and hair breakage are two of the most common hair problems faced by people. Hair enhances the beauty of a person and so it is very essential that hair fall and hair breakage be arrested as soon as it starts. Regularly massage the hair and scalp with almond oil to prevent hair breakage and hair thinning. For a more potent effect, mix the almond oil with gooseberry oil and massage your hair and scalp. Moreover, this oil acts as a good cleansing agent thus keeping your scalp free from dust, pollutants and even dandruff.
  • The effects of almond oil is not only limited to beauty care as consumption of this oil strengthens the digestive system and helps in relieving different forms of digestive disorders like indigestion, congestion of stomach, constipation and many other minor troubles. For centuries almond oil had been used in food to enhance memory power, concentration and to lower the cholesterol level.