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Wheat Germ oil is extensively used in skin care. Read about its benefits, uses and properties.

Wheat Germ Oil

Botanical Name: Triticum vulgare
Aroma: Strong
Properties: Unrefined, sensitive, dark in color, antioxidant, thick in consistency
Uses: Skin care, Medicinal Use

Are you suffering from dry skin, sunburns and other common skin problems such as eczema and psoriasis? Fed up with heavy spending for your skin treatments and costly creams? Are you in search of a natural solution without any side effects? Then you have landed at the perfect place, which will provide all the necessary information on the oil that is the antidote to your skin ailments. Wheat germ oil is one such oil that is extremely beneficial to your skin, which on regular usage will give your skin a healthy and glowing appearance. Obtained from the germ of wheat kernel, wheat germ oil has all the ingredients to keep the skin healthy. This oil is rich in proteins, vitamins and minerals that will help you to drive away all your skin ailments. As a result of all these nourishing properties, this oil is widely used in cosmetic products. Along with its skin care uses, the oil is equally good for maintaining a healthy heart and a fit body. Follow the writing below to know more on wheat germ oil, its uses, health benefits and properties.

Wheat Germ Oil Benefits, Uses And Properties
  • Wheat germ oil can perish very quickly. Therefore, it must be used as soon as possible. It also tends to degrade in quality when exposed to high temperatures. Unrefined wheat germ oil is usually dark in color and also has a heavy smell. It is a good source of fatty acids that are very vital for the healthy growth of the body. The oil is extracted from the germ of wheat. The germ forms only 3% of the weight of a wheat grain but, nonetheless, contains about 25% of the protein, vitamins and minerals and so wheat germ oil has numerous nutritional benefits
  • Rich in vitamin E and antioxidants, the external application of wheat germ oil benefits the skin in every way. Regular use of this oil improves the blood circulation, which in turn keeps the skin glowing and healthy. Many skin diseases like psoriasis and eczema can be cured easily by using this oil and it also works very well in healing burns and rashes. If you are fed up with your dry skin then you must try wheat germ oil as it hydrates the skin and keeps it soft and supple.
  • Most commonly wheat germ oil is used in aromatherapy. Since the oil is loaded with vitamins such as A, B1, B2, B3, B6 and E, it is very good for body massage. Minerals like phosphorus, iron, zinc, potassium and sulphur present in the oil provides the essential nutrients to the skin, nourishing it and improving the blood circulation, thereby relaxing and rejuvenating the body and mind.
  • Sun burn and rashes are very common skin ailments due to excessive exposure to UV radiations of the sun. Regular exposure to sun can even lead to serious problems such as skin cancer, so the skin must be protected from such harmful rays. Although there are numerous creams available, they may not be effective in shielding the skin or may cause side effects on regular usage. So, it is always safe and best to go for natural remedies. And treating your skin with wheat germ oil is the surest way of keeping it free of damages from the scorching heat. Using this oil can also be helpful in fighting skin conditions like dermatitis and scars.
  • The oil is high in unsaturated fatty acids such as omega-3 fatty acid, linoleic acid and others, which help in lowering the harmful Low Density Lipoprotein (LDL) level in blood, thereby reducing the risk of heart related problems. Studies conducted on this oil indicate that the octacosanol, and specifically policosanol, present in it helps to improve the cardiovascular function, thereby resulting in smooth functioning of the heart.
  • Essential fatty acids like linoleic acid, stearic acid and oleic acid present in wheat germ oil helps to improve overall performance of the body as it boosts the nervous system, immune system and cell growth. High in saturated alcohol called octacosanol, the oil increases stamina and muscle strength on regular usage. Thus, it is highly recommended for professional sportspersons.
  • The antioxidant properties of wheat germ oil help to fight several problems such as loose skin, wrinkles and other signs of ageing. It is probably because of this reason that the oil is widely used in various anti-ageing creams and lotions.