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Get to know more about manicure procedures, ideas for manicured hands and French manicure.

Manicure Procedures

Getting a manicure done is not just a great stress buster but it is also one of the best ways to look and feel confident. For women, manicure is as indispensible to their beauty regime as proper makeup. And it doesn't take much of your time and energy either. A professional manicure generally lasts not more than thirty minutes. Then there are many manicure products that helps in exfoliating and hydrating the sensitive skin around the nails. Nowadays, there are various types of manicures available, ranging from luxury manicure, mini manicure, paraffin wax to hot oil and waterless manicure. While all most all beauty salons and spas offer many manicure treatments, it's wise, if you want to cut down costs, to do this at home. The technique is simple and you do not need any equipments and exclusive products. For many, indulging in this royal treatment is a way of pampering themselves and releasing the stress and tiredness off their body. Learn more about manicure procedures, tips and French manicure in the following write-up.

Ideas For Manicured Hands
  • The first step involves washing the hands and nails thoroughly. Use a mild scrubber to remove all the dirt and grime, especially around the cuticles. Then pat dry your hand with a clean towel.
  • Next, shape the nails with the help of a filer. Depending on your personal preferences, you can either shape your nail in square, oval, round or pointed.
  • Take a bowl of soapy water and soak your hands in it for five to ten minutes or until the rough cuticles soften.
  • Apply a layer of any cream or Vaseline over your hands and wrap them in a towel or wear gloves, for ten to fifteen minutes.
  • Remove the towel or gloves and push back the cuticle gently, of each nail, with the help of a rubber hoof stick or a cuticle pusher. See that you don't cut your cuticles as it may lead to infection or severe pain.
  • Apply generous amount of any skin lotion to the arms and slowly and gently massage. Using the thumb of your opposite hand massage around each finger and cuticle.
  • Apply a coat of your favorite nail polish and let it dry. Later, apply a second coat.
French Manicure
  • The classy and timeless French manicure is preferred by many leading style icons mainly because it is simple yet the results are impressive. Be it functions, weddings, happening parties or film festivals, this look, which sports white nail tips with pinkish base is popularized and idolized everywhere.
  • First wash your hands. Then dip your hands in warm water and using a soft scrubber remove the dirt from the finger nails. After cleaning the hands thoroughly, pat dry using a towel.
  • Use a nail polish remover to remove any old traces of nail polish. Then with a cuticle remover, push the cuticles of each nail back gently.
  • Trim your nails with a filer and later generously apply a moisturizer to smoothen your hands.
  • Apply a base coat on the nails with light pink or clear polish and allow it to dry. After the polish dries, paint the tip of the nail with white or beige nail color.
  • To make the manicure long lasting, you can apply a top coat, which will also add a gloss to the nails.