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Read about nail treatment types, nail disorders and cures, procedures and tips for healthy nails.

Nail Treatment Types

Nails are a vital barometer of our wellbeing and the state of our health is reflected on how strong and healthy our nails are. But most often unhealthy nails do not raise much concern as many people believe that the weak nails will simply disappear when new nails grow. Just like any other deadly diseases that can plague the body, even the nails can become a hapless victim of various disorders, if sufficient care and attention is not given. Nothing looks better than healthy well shaped nails and thick, ugly, uncut nails can be quite an eyesore. Besides a healthy diet and lifestyle, regular medical checkups and manicures should be done to keep the nails free from any disorders. So, the next time you moisturize your skin and hands do make sure to pamper your nails as well. Given below is a list of the few important nail disorders and also useful tips that will help you to achieve those perfect and radiant nails in a jiffy. Continue reading to know more.

Nail Disorders And Cures

Discolored Nails

Nail discoloration is one of the most common nail problems faced by people. Most of the discolored nails are caused due to infections. Sometimes, the poor blood circulation or a weak heart can trigger this disorder. The nails become white, yellow, or green among others depending on the infection type and the conditions of one's skin. Discolored nails can be treated by working on the overall health of the body. One can also use nail polish and artificial nails to hide the discoloration.

Eggshell Nails
Eggshell nails can be easily identified as they are characterized by thin and fragile nails. The nails often curve over the tip of the fingers. This condition is usually due to nervous disorders, poor diet, and internal dysfunction or even due to side effects of medication. The only solution is to keep your nails trimmed.

In this disorder, white spots appear on the nail surface. Leukonychia is usually caused because of weak liver or kidney, and injuries to nails or bruises. Though there are no specific treatments as such, you can always take preventive measures. Indulging in foods that are rich in zinc, proteins and vitamins can improve the nail's condition. Applying coats of nail polish is another temporary solution.

Furrows or corrugations are nothing but long ridges that sometimes appear across the nails. This is usually caused due to medication, frostbite, poor blood circulation, and lack of zinc in the diet. As time passes, the furrows can deepen. Zinc supplements and eating foods rich in zinc can treat this problem. Using any kind of ridge filler is the best way to hide your ridges.

Hangnails or agnail occurs when the cuticle becomes dry and starts cracking. Apply generous amount of cuticle oil, two to three times a day and trim the nails. Sometimes biting, cutting the cuticle too close or even an injury to the nails can lead to agnails. Though this condition isn't painful, it can get really annoying and make your nails look unattractive.

Onychauxis is characterized by abnormal thickening of the nails, often the toenails. The condition, though generally hereditary, can be caused due to other factors too, such as poor diet, infection, trauma, psoriasis, Darier's disease, and acromegaly among others. Regular filing and buffing the nail can reduce the thickness of the nails significantly.

Ingrown Nail
Onychocryptosis or ingrown nail is the condition in which the nails grow into the sides of the skin. One of the main reasons for this disorder is wearing footwear of the wrong size. People suffering from Onychocryptosis often complain of pain along the margins of the nail and are extremely sensitive to any kind of pressure. Filing the nails properly and wearing comfortable shoes are the sole solutions.

Procedures And Tips For Healthy Nails
  • Indulge in a well-balanced diet and avoid addictions such as smoking and drinking. A sedentary lifestyle adversely affects the health of the body and ultimately the nail so it is better to lead a balanced life. Also, drink plenty of water.
  • Moisturize your nails regularly. Lactic acid and phospholipids based creams and lotions can reduce nail cracking to a great level.
  • Trim and file your nails on a regular basis. It is better to wear gloves while doing household chores like cleaning and washing.
  • Massaging your nails daily with a hand cream is effective in keeping the nails healthy and strong.