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Read about seasonal nail care tips, nail care ideas in winter and how to keep nails beautiful in summer.

Seasonal Nail Care Tips

When it comes to overall grooming, nails too play a very important role, especially attractive and clipped nails. Most often, it happens that you do not pay adequate attention to your nails. You may work hard towards enhancing your persona by choosing proper fashionable clothes, elegant jewelry and right makeup. You may spend heavy in beauty salon for that perfect face but all these struggle of yours may wind down to nothing, if you have ugly and unhealthy nails. Well, you are not alone in this as most of us end up doing the same ie neglecting our nails. Only when the nails become brittle and start breaking, then we realize the importance of nail care. Harsh weather plays havoc to the nails, so, it is important that special care must be taken during the summer and winter. Always remember that 'prevention is better than cure' and to prevent the nails from deteriorating it is better to act now. So, pamper your nails to keep them healthy and strong. To help you in maintaining your nails, continue reading for tips on seasonal nail care.

Nail Care Ideas In Winter
The temperature is dropping, and so is the circulation to your fingers and toes. Follow these tips to keep your nails as well as feet safe during cool weather activities.
  • Wear thick gloves and socks to keep your hands and feet warm, but make sure they aren't too tight. In this way you will also protect your nails from the harsh winter chill.
  • Winter is the time to pamper your hands, feet and nails with good ointments and creams, as they tend to dehydrate quickly because of the harsh weather. Moreover, nails may chip off because of brittleness.
  • Wash your nails thoroughly. You can also in pedicure and manicure, which is also quite refreshing and good for the nails. To keep the cuticles from infections, massage the area around your nails using cuticle cream.
  • You can soak your feet and hands in lukewarm water for a relaxing and welcoming effect on the skin and nails. Never use hot water as it can be harsh on your nails. Dry the hands and feet well, especially in between the toes so that there is no infection due to dampness.
  • While choosing shoes and boots for outdoor activities buy those that are loose enough to allow circulation of blood to the toes. If it is very tight, there is a possibility of your toes and nails getting damaged.
  • If you have sweaty feet, ensure that you use antifungal powder while working outside for long periods of time. This will prevent nail fungus infection, which is quite common in people with sweaty feet.
  • During the winter, every night before going to bed, knead your feet gently with your thumbs to increase the blood circulation. This will also ensure good growth of nails.
  • To refresh your feet after a tiring day, soak them in warm water with Epsom salts and a drop of peppermint oil. This procedure is very good on your nails as it removes dirt and grime, preventing any infections.
Nail Care Ideas In Summer
  • Apply nail polish. First, apply a basecoat to protect your nails. Remove the extra polish from the sides of the toes and fingernails. After the polish is completely dry apply a top coat. This protects and gives sheen to the nail polish.
  • Nail art using colorful and glitter nail polish is in trend these days. This summer you can try this art to enhance the beauty of your nails. If you are interested, you can also go for artificial nails.
  • Just like your skin, over exposure of nails to the sun has harmful effect on its quality. Actually, the nail bed beneath the nails gets affected by the ultraviolet rays of sun, thus causing various problems. To protect your nails from the sun, you can go for foot and hand creams, which are rich in chemicals that protect your nails from ultraviolet rays.
  • If you are suffering from brittle nails then it might be due to dehydration. So, drink as much water as possible. And, moisturize your nails with a good cream to keep the nails strong.