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This write-up aims to give you the best of hair fashion! Read below for an idea on hair trends 2011, latest haircuts and styles and tips to easily maintain your current hairstyles at home.

Hair Trends 2011

Over the last decade, hairstyles have evolved as an indispensable part of the world of fashion thus making hair artists the most sought after people! Ages ago, women preferred long and conservative styles but today, the youth are eager to experiment with new and trendy cuts. Just before you begin to think that hair styling is only for women; think again, as men have joined the band-wagon too! Some styles continue to make statements on the ramp while others have faded in time as a thing of the past. Personality plays a big role in this. A few snips in the right place could change your look from a sporty bob to an elegant coiffure. Since spring is 'in', entering this year with style can be done by going from long to medium lengths of hair! Read the article below to find out the latest hair trends and for a few handy hair care tips.

Latest Hair Cuts & Styles

Latest Hair Cuts & Styles
A haircut can either compliment or completely ruin your appearances! Remember that not all haircuts or styles suit your facial structure. Some things are best left to the experts as there are various factors, such as texture, to be considered before getting the look that you decide to sport.
  • This season, it's time to trim off those long tresses and make way for the 'pixie haircut', which is currently rocking the fashion circuit. This style has been popularized by many beautiful women in Hollywood such as Emma Waston and Carey Mulligan who have managed to carry of this bold hairdo with their feminine charm.
  • For all those who love sporting the fringe or bangs and thought it was out of fashion, here is some news for you! Its back! This time, the 'front side fringe' is currently doing wonders for petite women. The advantage of this hairstyle is that it can be adorned amongst individuals with shoulder length or long hair. Sienna Miller and Katie Holmes were recently spotted wearing this look at a recent fashion event.
  • The classic 'up-dos' were a rage last year with many models making this a common sight. But this summer brings in the 'low bun', cut close to the nape. Team this hairstyle with a pair of oversized sunnies that confers to you, a warm yet stylish appearance!
Easy Hair Maintenance Tips
Now that we have gone through the fashionable bit, it's time to take good care of your hair. Look at the mirror and determine the condition of your hair.
  • Needs treatment right? Begin with the roots of your hair by keeping the scalp free from dust, dirt or excessive oils by regular shampooing and conditioning. Choose a product which is mild and gentle on your hair. Conditioners make the hair texture silky smooth and reduce hair fall. Remember that your hair is more delicate than your skin. Staying away from harsh chemicals is the key. Damage to the hair follicles leads to hair thinning and loss.
  • You can opt for herbal oils that work as a great deep conditioner if you want to reduce the chemical usage. Extra virgin olive oil is usually said to do wonders as it moisturizes and nourishes the hair from root to tip. Most people with split ends, dry and brittle hair can use this to their advantage.
  • We may not be aware that the UV rays from the sun cause lightening of hair color and eventually making it prone to breakage. For this reason, pick an item which comes with UV protection. Also, you could try other options like wearing a wide brim hat, a bandana or use a scarf, just as Emily Browning is seen in her latest pictures.
  • Changing hair colors may seem fun and exciting but excessive handling of hair dyes can damage your hair follicles. Use them minimally! Always ask your hairdresser for an ammonia-free treatment and request for advice on buying a good product. If you are in the habit of changing colours often then make sure you pick a shampoo that does its job too.
The above mentioned, are some of the hair trends of 2011 along with the hair care tips. Make sure you use it since this is your guide for converting into fabulous!