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Latest Trends In Nail Colors

Did you know that the nails can determine your fashion quotient? There is no doubt that a woman with perfect makeup, a chic haircut, designer clothes and stylish accessories can turn many heads in her direction. But with worn-off nail paint, chipped or poorly maintained nails she is sure to look shabby and unkempt. Apart from the fact that it is unhygienic, it can also severely impair your personality. If you are in dilemma as to what to do, we have the solution! With minimal effort your nails can look shiny, glossy and healthy. All this and more, without having to spend a fortune on them! Getting pampered with regular manicures and pedicures can do absolute wonders. It is the unhealthy lifestyles and poor eating habits that can destroy your nail culture. As once quoted by Walter Landor, '…nails lose their effectiveness when they lose their direction and begin to bend.' Given below are a few helpful pointers on nail care and the latest nail trends that will help you look your gorgeous best!

Beauty Tips for Nails
  • The spring of 2011 has revived the light pastels and neutrals that were not seen last year. Colors like baby pinks, translucent silvers, creamy mauves and semi-sheer peaches are some of the favourites as seen on the Oscars night. If you are experimental,you could go in for icy blues, pale lavenders and peachy oranges, matching with your outfit.
  • There is rule with regard to neutrals/nudes. It may be the current fashion but make sure that you choose a color that is slightly darker than your natural skin tone.
  • Are you daring enough to try on a metallic? Opt for something darker like metallic grays, copper or metal blues as they are all in rage this season. Unique nail designs such as double or multi-coloured patterns are seen among several models and youngsters at fashion events.
  • Bring in the fun element by adding glittery nail stickers or stones made of crystal or even nail rhinestones for that extra sparkle to complement your outfit. This is a perfect way to get creative with your fingernails as they also bring out the funky side to your personality.
Nail Care Tips
  • Remember that no amount of nail indulgences will work, if you don't follow a balanced and good diet. Foods that are rich in biotin and calcium are known to give you strong and pink nails.
  • The first step is to cleanse your nails. Use a soft brush and a mild liquid soap and gently apply them over your nails and skin. This helps in getting rid of the dirt and dead skin. Soak them in lukewarm water for a minute before removing them. Pat your hands dry in soft towel.
  • The next part is to moisturize. Use a cream or olive oil/almond oil to lubricate your fingers. Massage your nails and the skin around it in circular motions. Continue doing this on a regular basis and procure firm and hard nails.
  • Sometimes you may notice that your talons have turned yellow, flaky and brittle. Never neglect such symptoms as they might be the beginning of an illness. Consult your dermatologist and eliminate chances of fungal or bacterial diseases or protein deficiencies.
  • While doing daily chores at home, use gloves to protect your well-manicured nails from harsh elements such as sharp edges or objects. Hard core jobs like gardening require much more care as dirtying of fingernails and its breakage are common.
The beauty of nails is not only established by its style factor, but also by keeping it sanitized and clean. Sometimes, women hide their grubby fingernails with the help of paint; doing this will only lead to its deterioration. Hope these tips and beauty secrets have helped!