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Using the right makeup tells a lot about your fashion sense! Read about the makeup trends of 2011, latest eye makeup and lip color tips for an idea on how to look glamorous!

Makeup Trends 2011

"The best thing is to look natural, but it takes makeup to look natural" ~ Calvin Klein. Whether you are a socialite or a regular housewife or just a woman with excellent taste, keeping track of the latest fashion statements and trends is inevitable! Every season sees the change of colors, accessories and hair and makeup trends. This article aims to cover all the makeup tips required for 2011 since it has become an absolute necessity in the world of beauty. The great thing about makeup its ability to highlight your best facial features and at the same time, hide bad skin! Keeping all this in mind, it is only fair that you put on makeup which compliments this season's outfits. Since spring and summer are 'in', make sure you harmoniously balance the bright and pastel shades. If you are unsure about how to approach this, a few beauty experts have put together some inspiring makeup trends for the year. Take a look at the article below to learn more on these latest styles.

Eye Makeup Tips
  • This spring/summer, it's time to bring out those bold and dark hues such as smoky eyes and glittery brows, as they continue to stay in fashion! Cosmetic houses are promoting shades of light grey and green and hence this is your chance to experiment with colors that highlight your beautiful eyes.
  • Use of eyeliners and mascaras are important in defining a more dramatic appearance. Shades such as blue, green, purple, grey, red and dark pinks are commonly used colors to achieve this sensational look. Metallic colors remain on top of the list as hot favourites!
  • Eye shadows have the power of transforming your eyes from ordinary to glam! The beautiful, Aishwarya Rai and the very elegant, Natalie Portman were seen sporting different hues of shimmery pinks and neutral mauves at red carpet events.
  • Another important feature that has been noticed this season is the change in the eyebrow shape. Thicker, straighter and well-defined are making a comeback while thin, fine and arched eyebrows are 'out'. Use an eyebrow filler to get the desired artistic shapes.
Makeup Trends
  • If you are one of those women who shun away from tons of makeup, then there is good news for you! This summer you can keep go for a natural look with basic tones of foundation and compact powder. Application of these cosmetics gives a fresh and energetic impression. A flawless face with a moderated amount of makeup is best for working women.
  • To complete the natural day look, make sure you add a pinch of color to your cheeks with the idea of emphasizing the cheekbones. Pastels blushers are and always will be in fashion. From flushed oranges to bronzes to baby pinks; this makeup tip is sure to make you look like a porcelain doll or a blushing bride, whichever you prefer!
Lip Makeup
  • Nudes and light pink for the lips have been replaced with bright reds, eye-catching corals and fuchsia pinks. From New York to Milan, everyone seems to adorn kissable lips, with these colors! Stay away from plain, neutral and dull shades and experiment with some vibrant hues to add a dash of color.
  • We're not saying everyone has to love bright colors! There are other options such as wearing dark shades of plum or warmer colors like rustic reds or browns. These tints and tones give you 'change' without actually changing too much! 
Nail Care
  • Speaking of makeup trends, there is a tendency to tend to overlook finer details such as nail maintenance and paint. Pearly pinks, peaches, whites and grayish pearls are the colors which are here to stay! Dark reds, burgundy and deep pinks are not-so-popular anymore.
  • Above all, it is important that you maintain good nail hygiene. Coating it with nail boosters and vitamins will surely help. Manicures remove dead cells. Remember that French style manicures are never out of fashion!
These are some of the tips and trends that will make 2011 better for you! Individuality in style should be the motto.