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Beauty Secrets & Tips

With an increasing pressure on women to look good everywhere they go, many of them are lost and eagerly looking for guidance. With hundreds of products in the market, it can be an overly confusing and tedious task to make the right choices. You have probably spent hours surfing the internet and rummaging through several beauty magazines. Are you still unable to find a cosmetic item that is suitable for you? Sounds familiar! Sometimes, too much information on beauty can mislead your decision making process. Talking of trade secrets, it might just be your grandma's simple advice that works and not a fancy professional's suggestions. The basic deal is to understand your requirements and obtain fabulous results! Stay away from glossy cosmetic packages and convincing salespersons and read some of these handy tips that aim to satisfy your desire to be beautiful and also busting a few myths that you are unaware of.

Professional Tips From Beauty Experts
  • The most famous misconception that many women have is that they need a good foundation for a flawless skin, irrespective of their skin types. It must be remembered that if you have acne, there should be no excessive makeup. A regular concealer, tinted moisturizers and compact powder will do the trick.
  • Younger women should stay away from darker hues of blush as it only adds brightness to the already glowing skin. Again, use them only when absolutely necessary. Natural skin is any day more attractive than getting dolled up. Try to keep it simple by using eyeliners and a nude lip gloss.
  • Petroleum jelly can easily get rid of chapped or dry lips and keep them soft and kissable all year long! It also comes with other benefits such as being the lubricant in removing eye makeup. Spread a generous quantity over your brows before wiping them off with cotton.
  • A simple secret is never to dye your hair completely black as it usually ends up looking like a bad hair job. Retain its original colour and go in for lighter/darker streaks. On the other hand, try not to overdo it with shades that are too much lighter than the original colour.
  • Every celebrity has their personal hairstylist. They are employed to work day and night in order to achieve perfection. But not everyone can afford the same. Hence, you must choose a hairdo that compliments your facial structure as well as highlights your best feature. If you prefer to play it safe, then opt for layers as it suits all hair types.
  • You don't need every product that is sold in the market! Pick one according to your necessity and suitability. Discuss its usage and sensitivity with your friends. The best way to try out something new without splurging is by picking up a sample at a promotion.
  • Sun bathing is a great way to get that natural tanned look. Still believe this? Don't! As the harsh UV rays can severely damage your skin causing skin cancers, despite using a sunscreen lotion. The best way to get a bronzed look is to use a tan spray, which is easily available at all retail outlets.
  • Another well kept secret is the frequency of regular manicures and pedicures. But, make sure that you keep your feet clean from dirt and grease by using a good scrub and a pumice stone. File and clip your nails often so that you reduce the risk of injuring yourself and a sense of cleanliness is maintained.
  • Scrubs are a great commodity that can be used on dry skin especially during the winter. Investing on one of these is the best way to get rid of dead cells and skin. Lather on a good amount of moisturizer to retain its good health. Be careful of the complications and hazards that makeup can pose to your delicate skin!
These are some trade secrets, which are not secrets anymore! So, make sure that you use them and give us your beauty feedback.