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Read about beach sun care tips, beach beauty ideas, makeup and skin care for beach travel and skin care secrets on beach in summer.

Beach Sun Care

Strolling along the beach, on the soft sands and listening to the deep grumble of the sea waves, is one of the most wonderful experiences that you can have in your life. But, once you come back, you face the worst nightmare. Yes, we are talking about the awful skin tanning and a whole lot of other problems that a day spent at a beach can lead to. Spending tranquil moments at the beach is no wonder exotic but if proper care is not taken to protect the skin, you will be in for a nasty surprise. The harsh sun, the sand and the sea wind can play havoc with your skin and hair. That is why it is necessary to pay appropriate attention to skin care before hitting the beach. So, if you want to play safe with your skin as you surf along the sandy seashores, read the following write-up which will give you all the information that you require to protect your body and skin at the beach.

Beach Beauty Ideas
  • Drink lots of water to keep the skin and body hydrated. This will also help the skin to 'breathe'.
  • Those who love spending time in the beach must cleanse and exfoliate the skin. People who wear swimsuits expose most of their body to the sun. So, exfoliating is necessary.
  • Moisturizing is another important beauty ritual to be practiced regularly. Applying aloe vera juice or carrying a moisturizing cream with cocoa butter base in your beach bag is highly recommended.
  • After all the fun and frolic in the beach, it's vital to take a shower to keep yourself rejuvenated and to remove all the sand, dirt and grime from the body.
  • While bathing, wash your hair with a good shampoo. Then apply a conditioner to nourish your hair and regain its natural shine.
  • Besides beach products, stock up on or buy classy beach hats and scarves to keep yourself warm and protect your body from exposure to the sun.
Makeup And Skin Care For Beach Travel
  • The first rule, when you want to spend time in a beach, is to keep the makeup as simple and minimalistic as possible. Also, apply the sunscreen at least fifteen to twenty minutes before you venture out. Moisturize your lips well with good quality lip balms and complete the look by coloring them with shades of soft pink or nude lipstick. To make your eyes look sparkling and dazzling, apply at least two coats of waterproof mascara. Lastly, after spending time at the beach, wash your hair with shampoo to get rid of harmful chemicals.
  • Apply sunscreen lotion on your skin every two hours while you are at the beach to avoid tanning and skin pigmentation. Besides the face, pay close attention to other areas in the body such as neck, back, shoulders, legs, etc. Avoid taking hot showers. Instead, opt for mild warm or cool baths. Avoid wearing heavily scented perfumes and carry calamine lotions to protect yourself from mosquitoes, sand fleas and flies.
Skin Care Secrets On Beach In Summer
  • As the skin gets prone to sunburn, especially during the noon, it's always wise to hit the beach in the mornings and evenings. During this time, the weather is pleasant as the sun rays tend to be less intense. To protect your skin form tanning, apply a water resistant sunscreen lotion prior to visiting the beach. If you venture into the water make sure that you reapply the lotion. Going for sunscreens loaded with Vitamin E and aloe vera is the safest option.
  • Drink plenty of water before going to the beach. Carry a bottle of water to keep your body hydrated. Special care should also be given to the lips to avoid problems like discoloration, chapped sun burn lips, etc. Though wearing makeup while going to the beach is not recommended, women who find it hard to resist beauty enhancers can rely on water resistant mascaras, eyeliners and bronzers to look chic and glamorous.
  • Another important skin care secret on beach is to wear sunglasses to protect your eyes from the harmful ultraviolet rays. Wearing wide hats will not only up the glam quotient but also aid in covering your face and hair form the sun.