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Read about tips on skin care with aromatherapy, aromatic treatments and massages for skin, risks of aromatherapy and therapeutic oils.

Skin Care With Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy has been in use from centuries before and the popularity of it is ever increasing. If you think who was behind the beauty of age old princess and royal ladies then one of the answer would definitely be the beneficiary effects of aromatherapy. Today in this world of modern technology aromatherapy is treated as science which as the power to support good heath by balancing mind, body and soul. Even most of the doctors suggest this therapy to cure deadliest disease like cancer. If you think this therapy is only for health problems then you are not true. This is because the therapy works wonderful on your skin and hairs making you look beautiful. Along with the uses aromatherapy also as create adverse effects on you. Thus it is always recommended to get treated only under certified aroma therapist. If you want to know more on this therapy and the problems associated with it than follow the article.

Aromatic Treatments And Massages For Skin
  • Massaging is the most popular technique used in aromatherapy, as it helps your skin to easily absorb the therapeutic properties of essential oils. In aromatherapy, the essential oils are diluted with carrier oils. This is because essential oils are highly concentrated and, if undiluted, it may irritate the skin.
  • The easiest aromatic treatment is to soak the body in a tub of hot water in which several drops of essential oil has been added. This will relax your entire body and soothe the skin. It will also provide you relief from any pain and aches and also restore your flagging energy.
  • Aromatic treatments also involve the inhalation of the vapors of essential oils. To do this, add a few drops of essential oil in a bowl of hot water and then inhale the steam. To prevent the vapors from escaping, drape a towel over your head and bowl.
Risks Of Aromatherapy And Therapeutic Oils
  • Essential oils, used in aromatherapy, may sometimes burn your skin if the body is exposed to the sun soon after massaging. The essential oils should always be diluted with carrier oil or else the upper epidermis of the skin may develop rashes or burns. Skin irritations and allergic reactions are also common problems associated with aromatherapy. Therefore, before choosing an aromatherapy oil, check whether it suits your skin.
  • While buying essential oils, always go for branded and top quality products. Low quality oils can have adverse effects on your skin and may cause rashes and severe burns. Even the wrong use of this oil may lead to serious health problems. For instance, inhalation, one of the methods of aromatherapy, may lead to serious respiratory problems, if not carried out with the right amount of oil and under proper supervision of a therapist.
  • Pregnant women shouldn't go for aromatherapy. Experts say that most essential oils such as jasmine, lavender, cedarwood, juniper, myrrh and thyme can lead to miscarriage, as some properties of the essential oils can act against the growth of the fetus. Although, opinions over the level of side effect of aromatherapy during pregnancy may vary, it is better to avoid than taking the risk.
  • If you are suffering from health problems such as epilepsy, respiratory problems and various other health issues, then first make sure that the oil you are using in the therapy doesn't worsen your problem. If you are under medication, then don't forget to check with your doctor or aroma therapist if you can go for an aromatherapy.