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Read about facial skin care tips, how to get rid of acnes and pimples and types of facials.

Facial Skin Care

A glowing face with clear skin can be the cynosure of all eyes. You can pick up any beauty products or go for beauty treatments to add sheer elegance to your face. An even better way to enhance your beauty is by pampering your face with facials, which is considered to one of the best ways to clean and nourish the facial skin. Some of the popular and happening facials include natural clay, chocolate, bio-lift, paraffin, gold and a lot more. It's not just celebrities like Madonna, and Eva Longoria who are hooked onto facials, even ordinary working woman depend on facials to look great. Since face is the first feature we all look at and observe greatly, excellent care should be given to it. Fairness creams, Botox injections, acne creams and a whole lot of other face products have entered the cosmetic world today. Scroll down the write-up to know more about the types of facials and how to get rid of acnes and pimples.

How To Get Rid Of Acnes And Pimples
  • Apply toothpaste gently on the affected areas and leave it overnight to get rid of the pimples effectively.
  • Make a paste of fresh methi (fenugreek) leaves and apply it on your face. After a period ten to fifteen minutes, wash the face with warm water. This is a good home remedy to prevent acne and pimples.
  • To cure blemishes and acnes, mix rose water and lemon juice in equal proportions and apply it on the face. After one hour, rinse off with water.
  • Avoid eating greasy and junk foods as it may lead to acnes and oily skin. Drink lots of water to keep your skin clear and fresh.
  • Apply aloe vera gel on the affected area to cure pimples and acnes.
  • Combine mint juice with a dash of turmeric powder and apply it on the affected area. After twenty to thirty minutes, wash off with warm water.
  • Make a paste of cucumber and apply it on your face. Leave the mixture on the skin for half an hour to dry. Finally, rinse with water.
Types Of Facials

Acne Facial

This type of facial is exclusively designed for those who are suffering from troubled skin and very often prone to acnes, pimples, scars, etc. Teenagers and young adults are more likely to opt for an acne facial as they are more prone to this disorder. To put an end to all your skin problems, get this facial done at regular intervals.

Collagen Facial
Collagen facial involves several processes like exfoliation, warm vapor, deep pore cleansing, and lymphatic drainage massage not only makes the skin clear and radiant but also aid in preventing wrinkles and puffy eyes. You can also rely on collagen facial creams and injections, which are equally effective. But, make sure to consult a cosmetic surgeon before taking collagen injections.

Bio-lift Facial
To look younger and to bid goodbye to all those wrinkles and fine lines on the skin, bio-lift facial is the ultimate weapon. The entire process can last for a few hours but it is worth the grind as it improves the tone and texture of the skin and neck muscles. Bio-lift facial should also be done with the permission of a dermatologist.

Gold Facial
Brides to be and those gearing up to attend special functions and events usually go for gold facials that uses creams containing 24-Carat pure gold, wheat germ oil, aloe-vera, sandalwood, and a lot of other ingredients. Though a tad bit on expensive side, this treatment is completely worth every penny and the result is a smooth and flawless skin. Many well-known spas and beauty salons offer gold facials.

Aromatherapy Facial
Opting for aromatherapy facial is the best way to pamper your skin with fragrant essential oils that are endowed with curative properties. As the skin gets the regal treatment, the aroma that of the oils captures your senses and is so soothing it makes you feel rejuvenated. Some of the procedures include basic steps like cleansing, toning and moisturizing.