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Read about skin care secrets, skin care problems and solutions and skin types and care ideas.

Skin Care Secrets

Skin is the most exposed part of our body and it acts as a guard by protecting various organs. However, if proper attention and care is not given, the skin can face various disorders such as skin cancer, acne, blemishes and the like. The increasing pollution makes the skin extremely vulnerable to harmful bacteria and germs, so it becomes absolutely necessary to clean and take care of the skin. Thus, it's vital, not just to maintain a proper skin regimen, but also to take care of your diet and body. People endowed with flawless skin regularly follow some basic steps such as cleansing, toning, exfoliating and moisturizing. Though, nowadays you can instantly reduce wrinkles and make your skin look younger by relying on collagen and Botox injections, it's wise to go the natural way. Scroll down the write-up to know more about the skin care problems and solutions, skin types and skin care ideas.

Skin Care Problems And Solutions


Acne, one of the most common skin problems, which specially haunts youngsters, leads to ugly red inflammations in the face and neck. People with acne are usually conscious while stepping out and often suffer from low self-esteem. The most common cause of acne is bacteria, poor diet, insufficient intake of water, excessive consumption of junk stuffs etc. If the acne increases over the time, then consulting a dermatologist is the safe option. An affective home remedy to overcome acne and pimples is mixing a teaspoon of coriander juice with a dash of turmeric powder and later applying it on the affected area.

If the skin is burnt or injured, then the chance of developing a scar increases. While some of them disappear on their own, some scars can remain for the lifetime. Though scars are not harmful, they can be quite an eyesore. A good solution for scars is to apply a mixture of sandalwood paste with a dash of rose water on the face leaving it overnight. In morning, wash it off with water.

Sun Damage
Most of us step out of the house without applying moisturizers and sunscreens, which are so important to protect our skin form sun damage. The harmful ultraviolet rays not only cause pigmentation, uneven skin color, wrinkles, tanning but also lead to skin cancer. Wear protective clothing and buy sun blocks loaded with SPF (Sun Protection Factor) 15 or more. Wearing a sun glare and hat is also beneficial. To protect the skin from sun damage, mash a ripe papaya and apply it all over your face. Rinse it off with cool water after fifteen to twenty minutes.

Under-eye Circles
Under-eye circles are triggered due to lack of sleep, sun exposure, poor diet, and overwork among others and it makes the face appear dull and old. Today, there are many beauty products that can be purchased to ward off dark circles. You can also take the help of a good dermatologist to cure the problem. An effective home remedy is to slice a cucumber into thin slices and place each over both eyes. Relax with your eyes closed for fifteen minutes and wash it with cool water. This not only soothes our eyes but also help to overcome baggy eyes.

As we age, our skin naturally folds thus, causing wrinkles around the eye, lips and other areas. Though they cannot be stopped completely, steps can be taken to slow its process and decrease the intensity. Avoid going out in the sun and quit smoking, drinking alcohol and other harmful lifestyle habits to prevent any kind of skin damage in the future. To reduce the wrinkles under your eyes, you can apply egg whites or pure castor oil on the skin.

Skin Types And Care Ideas

There are basically five types of skin:
  1. Oily skin
  2. Normal skin
  3. Sensitive skin
  4. Dry skin
  5. Combination skin
Care for Dry Skin:
  • For dry skin, use a creamy cleanser to melt away dirt. Leave it on your skin before sweeping it away with cotton wool. Splash cold water onto your face to clean and refresh your skin. Use a thick cream moisturizer to seal in as much moisture as possible and have a refreshing feel.
Care for Oily Skin:
  • To care for oily skin you should start with a gentle, foaming facial wash. This will remove dirt and oil without stripping away moisture. Soak cotton wool in a gentle astringent lotion and sweep it over your skin to refresh and cool it.
  • Even oily skin needs a moisturizer, but choose a light, watery fluid; this will be enough for your skin. Allow the moisturizer to sink in well and then absorb the excess with a tissue to prevent shine.
Care for Combinational Skin:
  • If you have combinational skin use a foaming facial wash in the mornings to cleanse your skin. This will keep the oily areas clean to prevent blackheads. In the evening use a cream cleanser to soothe your dry areas. This will keep a balance between excess dryness and excess oiliness. Use a strong astringent for your oily areas and a mild skin freshener for the dry areas. This is not an expensive option, as you will need a little of each. Use moisturizer on your whole face, but make sure you concentrate on your drier areas.
Care for Sensitive Skin:
  • If you have sensitive skin, do not use facial washes or soap; instead use a light, hypoallergenic cleansing lotion. Use a moisturizer to strengthen your skin and provide a barrier against irritants. Make sure you use an non perfumed moisturizer, which will not irritate your skin.
Care for Normal Skin:
  • To care for normal skin you should start with a gentle foaming facial wash. Massaging it into your face will give you a rosy complexion. Cool your skin with a refreshing toner, and massage it with your fingers in light upward strokes.