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Body building often gives rise to the ugly looking stretch marks. Read about body building and stretch marks.

Body Building Stretch Marks

A well-toned and chiseled body always gets a woman to go weak in her knees! It even crosses barriers such as age, caste and race. The female species has always been drawn to men who possess a good physique. Contrary to belief, women have also started vigorous workout regimes. Whether it has been for a health reason or to fit into designer clothes, they have also taken weight training seriously. In most cases, body building and muscle strengthening exercises only enhance the figure and help in the development of biceps. But sometimes, there are stretch marks which present themselves, with an ugly nature, on the surface of the skin. Body building stretch marks appear on the arms, calves, thighs, hips and buttocks. If you do not recognize these signs early, it could lead to the formation of permanent scars. It is always advisable to keep yourself informed about such situations so that you can deal with them in the right manner. The article below sheds some light on stretch marks caused by body building and effective ways to cope with them.

Stretch Marks Caused By Body Building
  • The skin acts as a fence between the external environment and our internal anatomies by means of shielding the organs, retaining body fluid levels and keeping the body hydrated. With the lack of liquid retention, the epidermal layers can get dry and hydrated which in turn leads to sagging skin.
  • Scientifically speaking, the skin is made up of three important layers known as the epidermis, dermis and subcutaneous. It is the second layer or the dermis, which is responsible for preserving the elasticity and pliant nature of our bodies. Most stretch marks usually form within the dermis during the process of expansion of skin. This layer rips and causes minor scars.
  • During the course of body building, the collagen in the skin is useful in maintaining flexibility. But if this protein breaks down and becomes insufficient, then the appearance of stretch marks is more visible.
  • Another reason for stretch marks while body building is due to high levels of steroid intake. Excessive use of these can release hormones in the body which paves the way to stretch marks. Any form of steroids ranging from pills to ointments has side effects.
Body Building And Stretch Marks
  • The best way to care for such a condition is by using a good moisturizer that will lubricate your skin and help in collagen production. Vitamin E, coconut oil and collagen-rich creams can be a good way to overcome such a problem.
  • Make it a point to add food that is rich in minerals. This frames a well-balanced and healthy diet for the body. Consumption of multi-vitamin pills help in improving the skin's condition. Consult a medical expert before taking this.
  • Doctors suggest that most men suffering from stretch marks due to body building should try and give it up for a few months. Most fitness freaks refuse to consider this as an effective treatment as some of them believe that this is a sure shot way of losing their build and hard-earned muscles! But remember, that a body with stretch lines is definitely more unappealing than one which is slightly unfit.
  • If you have been unsuccessful in getting rid of stretch marks completely, then you could either conceal them by using a tanning lotion or wear suitable attire (like ¾ sleeved shirts). A muscular body always manages to draw attention, no matter what you wear. So don't let these marks tinker with your confidence!
Stretch marks are a natural phase that most of us go through! With a little care and concern, stretch marks developed during body building can be prevented forever!